How to install an Aqualisa Q™ concealed smart shower controller

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Hi I’m James, in this video I’ll be
showing you how to install an Aqualisa Q™ concealed controller. When installing
the concealed smart-shower system the pipework and data cables should be
installed prior to tiling. Concealed cables must be protected by a suitably sized conduit to allow for removal in the event of service or maintenance. Think about the location of the Q™ controller. Choose a suitable height so
all the family can easily see and use the controller. The Q™ controller is
activated by a proximity sensor on the front of the controller. The sensor
detects motion from 0.5 to 0.7 meters directly in front of the device. It is important the device is positioned so that it will
detect the user approaching and moving away from the shower. Insert the data
cable wires following the color sequence marked on the wall plate. Ensure the surface area is clear of
debris, press the wall plate into the hole using the built-in spirit level,
mark the three fixing slot positions onto the finished surface, Drill holes
and fit supplied plugs we recommend using a six millimeter drill bit.
Remove the paper liner on the gasket apply a silicon adhesive into the
channel of the wall plate and push onto the wall. Fix the back plate to the wall
with supplied screws. Your Q™ smart controller is supplied with a color
accent ring that can be fitted by lining up the grooves and pushing into position.
Position the Q™ controller into the wall plate with the power symbol at the
seven o’clock position. Gently apply pressure to the screen with one hand,
rotate the controller anti-clockwise using the Q™ leaver until it stops and
is securely seated on the wall plate. Tighten the screw located at the bottom
of the Q™ smart controller.

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