How to install a Quooker Fusion tap

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In this video, we’re going to install a Quooker Fusion Tap. For this installation, you will need a pipe wrench or socket wrench, and a set of spanners from sizes 10 to 22. If you don’t yet have a 35 mm tap hole in your worktop, drill it first or ask an experienced installer to do it. Or you could call our service desk for advice. We’d be happy to help! Unbox the tap and connect the hot and cold water hoses. Tighten them carefully with spanner size 10. Push the tap hoses through the hole. If installing onto a thin work top, a stainless steel one for example, first place the triangular white tap support before fitting the brass fixing plate. Position the brass fixing plate over the threaded bolt and around the hoses. Screw the fixing nut onto the threaded bolt and tighten by hand. Adjust the position of the tap so the Quooker logo faces front. Place the handle in the cold position by setting it parallel to the edge of the worktop. Tighten the fixing nut with a pipe wrench, socket wrench or spanner size 10. If you have the COMBI, you should now install the tank. If you have the PRO3 or PRO7, you should now insert the inlet hose screens, then connect the hot and cold water hoses to the mains. Tighten with spanner size 19. In case there are no tap tail adapters installed, start with these first. They are not supplied. You can now continue by installing your Quooker tank. The tap that does it all Quooker

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I would get quooker to install it. Our technician Marcus did a great job.

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