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Guys, welcome back to my channel if you’re, new here my name is abby, and? this channel is a Work in progress as am i has decided to post something to share with You, who’s been watching, my videos where i’ve been for the past couple months, and what i’ve been up to that’s what i’ve been doing That’s what i’ve been doing they’re, my favorite things that i’ve been working on in preparation for another Child coming on the way i share some of the resources that i found that i think are very helpful with You in case you are in the same situation as i am but. You have multiple little ones and there’s just a lot of Responsibilities and a lot of work to get done before the next baby comes So the three things that i’ve been focusing on our house our meals and our children All the essentials right all the basics and the four things that i’ve been doing is one i’ve been Going, from room to room taking one room per week And trying to go through it declutter it clean it and organize it in that order that Came from amy marian’s channel Here on youtube she has just some great advice about getting ready for having your next baby especially if you already Have little ones in the house with, you because you’re, not always able to just whizz Through an entire room in a day there’s a lot of interruptions we’re, still working on potty training with My, three-year-old and i have a one-year-old as? Well so it’s pretty busy and i can’t really expect to get everything done and something that i’ve found Is that like pushing to get a project done doesn’t make me happy at the end of the day, even if it gets done if i Wasn’t really present with My kids that day and i just i think that planning one room per week leading up to your due date is a great plan So thank you, amy for that one good thing that i’ve been doing is doing freezer meals so whether i’m cooking a Meal i’ll maybe, make, some extra and take half of that and freeze it or i just plan a specific Freezer meal do my grocery shopping for it and then freeze it so the idea, is that i’m making a Whole bunch of freezer meals at one time, which said it’s kind of overwhelming for me and Messy, and with all the interruptions from little kids it’s like yeah It’s just too much for me to try and do it all at one time so I found, that doing like one a week or even two a, week is like? Plenty, and it’s great and? It’s amazing how, quickly it adds up so that’s what i’ve been doing i think so far i have about Five freezer meals in our freezer and i did them over a period of like three weeks third Thing i’m doing is really paying attention, to some important things that, make children need to learn Before the next baby comes along so For my, three-year-old he knows a lot of things but we’ve been working A little bit more on potty training with him really kind of trying to get him to go number two on the body Which it’s crazy, because he, was and now? He stopped so i don’t know, we’re working on it and Number two with, my son would be getting himself dressed Brushing his, own teeth although, we still help with all of those things um just letting him Take that and run with it guys she’s one year old so we’re trying to teach her how, to you know Like, teacher the word like you need, to come, like come here and sit down and absolutely teaching, her, what no means Those are three things that i think they’re really important for her fourth thing That we are working on is another tip from amy all of these are from amy’s channels she just has helped Me so much so i really, want to direct you guys to her and go check out her channel as, well when you’re done here but, amy had mentioned doing this thing called blanket time and My husband, had always stressed, me how. Important is to teach children how, to sit still and i was just like they’re? Not capable it’s not possible But as my son is getting older he’s very very active and he is three years old i am wishing now? That when he was a? Year, old that i would have practiced this with him so one of the benefits of doing blanket time Is that by teaching your children to be able to sit in a specific Place since it’s still time to be quiet for a little while, and with, some toys it’s gonna, allow. You to Hopefully, feed your baby nurse your baby, however you decide to feed your baby, when the next baby comes along, not do this with My, son before number two farah came, along and i wish that it would have This, time around i’m hoping that i can teach My kids to sit on their little blankets and play with their toys for a given period of time so you start with Like five minutes and then you can slowly increase it a minute at a time Every day up until you reach like fifteen or twenty minutes which should hopefully be enough time for you to nurse your baby So and not that you would, do blanket time every single time you’re nursing your baby But it could be helpful at times that you need it so yeah, so that’s number four those are the four things that i’ve been working on and All that keeps me really, busy in addition to you, guys know. Laundry dishes Vacuuming, up the floor, like three times a, day Going, outside and playing and getting to the library and doing, some lessons and just being tired i mean Being pregnant makes me so tired so all those things keep, me so busy as if right now I’m just kind of being mom you know doing, what all of you out there are doing and just, want to give you an encouraging word that if you have one if you have two if you have three if you’re pregnant if You’re, not pregnant wherever you’re at in your Motherhood journey just, want to give you, some encouragement today that you know the more you focus on what you’re doing and Your heart for your kids they are our greatest Investment it’s easy, to get caught up And feel like we’re not doing Enough outside of being mom but i promise you that your children are your greatest Investment and the more you invest in them the more you’re gonna, see the results from it and i’ve been seeing that over the past couple months as i Continue to pour into, my children over the past couple months and reserve time for myself at the end of the day Versus pouring it into other things, like, youtube or social media i’ve been more energetic and Refreshed so i just want to encourage you with that and i hope that wherever you’re at in your journey today that you Yeah, i hope that you find your, ways to kind of? Focus in and pour into your kids and feel refreshed at the end of the day so if you found this helpful Be sure to go check out, amy, marian’s channel it’s linked down, below her links below For her book and for her youtube channel so guys be well and i’ll see you next time bye


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Super video I like it your video

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CONGRATS on your baby!!!!!! I love the ideas with blanket time! Loved your video! Just subbed!

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