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hey guys welcome back to another video and thanks for hanging out with me again in this video we are going to be talking all about my number one asked question in the wintertime which is how to avoid heal and prevent chapped lips now we all know that chapped lip in the winter is a big bummer the more you lick them the more chapped they get it is the most vicious cycle you’re in the heat you’re out of the heat you’re in the freezing cold it’s just a giant mess and your lips are literally like a WTF but it’s happening to me sometimes they get so chapped they bleed sometimes they peel then you pick them it is just like get a grip lift and aside from Hell painful it is it is also a gigantic I for this is the second winter that I’m going halfway through that I have been able to completely avoid chapped lips at all and i live in canada you guys the snow is outside it is piling up i’m inside i’m outside the heat is blowing in my face so you might be asking how am I going to avoid chapped lips this winter and I have got to be secret for you and my secret to preventing and healing chapped lips is the pout-o-matic by Bliss and not to mention that there a fabulips lip scrub this pro power device uses a gentle rotation to help exfoliate the lift giving it tons of volume and really smoothing it out and scrub contains all of the essentials to give you a smooth luscious lips and it’s so easy you only use it about once or twice a week now I know that this would be considered a kind of frivolous purchase i understand that you can just use honey and sugar discover your lips but that’s not something that I do and using this tool is so fun that gets me to do it way more often now i got these two together in a gift from before I think they were around fifty dollars but I think they’re a little bit cheaper on amazon and i’ll link them down below know what we’re going to do is take the lid off of the fabulips lip scrub apply a little bit to the applicator tip of the pout-o-omatic and just start to scrub the lips for both 30 seconds top 10 list are completed and nourished by slips i’m going to go in with my favorite lip therapy which is my first day beauty this laptop is not to be passed up you guys you can get this home to Florida or i’ll link it down below on amazon it is a lift sarah p by first day beauty and this stuff is amazing not only as a parent free of this applicator tip guys is to die for it just slides right across your lips and that is a wrap up on today’s video of how to cure dry chapped lips so i hope this was able to help you out if you have any remedies or recommendations for dry chapped lips leave them in the comments down below or if you’ve tried the pout-o-metic before it let me know and don’t forget to subscribe before you go and like always you can follow me on instagram snapchat and Twitter until next time we’ll see you then


Maria Rodriguez

Feb 2, 2018, 10:55 pm Reply

Thank you so much!❤


Mar 3, 2018, 12:22 am Reply

I have one of those

Christian Mulkey

Nov 11, 2019, 8:39 am Reply

This is the most adorable vid! You are adorable!!! 🥰 going to try! Hope it works

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