HOW TO clean a plastic bathtub which should be banned?

By Grover Koelpin 3 comments

okay we are going to be attempting to
work on cleaning this thing out it this is the poorest excuse for bathroom
plastic bathtubs should be banned they’re hideous and it should not take
more than five minutes to actually clean out a bathtub but this could turn into
an all-day event they’re horrible and so I’ve got some dish soap here each shut
this off so dish soap and a scrubber here and so I’m just gonna scrub in here
for a while let’s see if I can okay so let me put the lid down I’ve got a thick
sponge here you know oh I have problems with my back here so actually getting
over here is oh it’s really hard to clean and and all these little creases
in here are filled up with soap junk Oh so it’s really hard to clean up
this is the worst bathroom then you don’t even fit in it either so the thing
is when you sit down actually in this bathtub you have less room because of
the angle because of the oval they called it a garden tub but it’s not
actually garden tub it is it’s a piece of junk
but you have less room because of the angle right here and right there
and so but let’s look right here you see that so I have to get over here and it’s
next to impossible to be able to get into the tub okay so this is how I would use to clean
in toxins oh I gotta reach all the way over here so this time I can clean up
pretty good and clean up all the pink mold you guys have seen the pink mold
let me show ya right there this is the pink mold there’s the pink mold there’s
the pink mold and so it’s next to impossible to reach over here and that’s
why it was so frustrating four years ago when I was showing this and people were
oh you’re just being unclean you’re just there’s more pink mold that’s what we
live with it and because of poor contractors poor workmanship and so oh now it’s hard for me to step over the
edge and I’m not interested in a oh my gosh Oh Oh yep those cracks are impossible to
get into oh wow
our Oh shitty shitty horrible piece of shit that this is the worst
oh well that’s too much work and the funny part
you know the perspective the funny part from here it it it looks dirty
the lights on up there I’ve cleaned it a tiny bit but it I could clean it every
day and this mold comes back so fast you know yeah I mean you shouldn’t have to
clean it every day that’s work that’s a lot of work and when you’re doing other
things but that just gets worse and worse as time passes so we’ve got black
mold there and pink mold right there that’s part of the bathtub but I’m sure
this is what they’ll do the when you move out as a civilian house because
that’s what they did to my husband up in Iowa so the company that what they said
oh we have black mold in the house but if it was military quarters then they
they have stuff our people for you know know how to clean this stuff out and the
yet granted they charge them five hundred dollars which they shouldn’t we
always had to pay five hundred dollars but they shouldn’t have to you know
especially when it’s faulty workmanship on the part of the what would the
wording be on the part of all the manufacturers
who are producing the products they’re getting crappy quality work so they’re
putting in crappy so it so this has me wondering all along like okay so the
politicians are the people who are getting the kickbacks from the companies
and are they strategically placed within the government employee and military
structure system to order shitty stuff which keeps the charade going and that’s
basically what we have here with this shitty bathtub yeah and you can see
today my ankles let’s see if I can get it are still swollen you see that
they’re still swollen that one you see that and it hurts that’s what’s in my
spine – Wow so I’ll clean this think is easy to clean let me show you it just
put out a little bit of soap like that this is a porcelain sink this is easy to
paint I I love cleaning that’s why I always thought teenie was fun when you
had porcelain sinks that other thing is a piece of crap this the toilet not no
toilet we got it actually already is rockin yeah the toilet itself is already
rocking we just got a brand new toilet maybe about six months ago or so but the
sink itself is pretty easy and yeah it’s kind of funny it’s like it makes you
wonder like who are the people who are ordering this stuff and they overpriced
they overcharged the government and are they strategically placing in people who
are buying crappy crappy cheap products oh for their job creation that’s the
thing for their job creation and then they put it on Wall Street they put HUD
housing on Wall Street and that’s basically what’s come out recently
so the military is here the Navy the Coast Guard whatever you want to call it
the Army Corps of Engineers is here in a different capacity you might not see
them in the same uniforms that the army wears but they’re here in the same
capacity so he’s right across the street from us
um I’ll show you guys we’ll do a little reminder when I moved in before they
changed everything this house across the street they had
three flags up at one time and it also had on a thing it talked about military
financing on there too and so this is the housing that they’re selling to the
soldiers with with their VA loans that’s so remember that when it with the
bathroom that’s what they’re selling to the soldiers that bathroom bathtub back
there and and let’s not forget about this which leaks leaks water and it when
it rains so okay that’s it



Jul 7, 2019, 1:12 pm Reply

Bathtubs and ovens, my least favorite to clean. Have you tried the Dawn dish detergent/white vinegar mix? Forgot what the ratio is. You can Google it. It helps, I think.


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