How to Caulk Bathtub Surround Tiles, Perfectly Straight Lines DIY

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– [Man] There you go. – Okay, so today I’m gonna show you how to do those
professional-looking caulk lines here along the bathtub, here. And you can see, we’re gonna caulk from here in this back
corner all the way along here and down there. And you can see, we have
water in the tub, here, first. The reason why we’re
putting water in the tub is the weight of this water in the bathtub will slightly deform the bathtub. And that’s the shape you want
it to be in when you caulk because that’s the way the
bathtub’s going to be used. So your first thing, if you want to maximize your chances of success, is to use a drip-less caulking
gun, which is what this is. And I’m using a sanded,
color-matched grout. So this is a warm gray, that’s
going to be the color here that will match these tiles here. And this is a sanded grout. And it’s also siliconized,
so it’ll be waterproof. And the mistake that most people make is, when they caulk, is they
put too much material down. And that’s why, when you come by and you wipe with your finger, you’re leaving all sorts
of amounts of caulk behind when the idea is to cut this
as small as you possibly can and still be able to poke it. So you can see that real tiny
hole there that I’ve made. So we’re gonna put down a thin bead. And then to help,
because this is silicone, and silicone’s very difficult to clean up, we’re using this spray that I
like to use called Caulk-EZ. And what you do is you lay down your bead, like it shows here, and
then you spray foam over it and then you just wipe it with your hand. And the foam prevents the
silicone from spreading anywhere where it wasn’t
already laid down as a bead. That’s what makes this
such a great product and why I like to use it. And it makes it look
professional every time. All right, so, let’s get started here. I’m gonna start back here in the corner. And you just lay a real thin
bead at a constant speed. I’m gonna stop it right there. And I take my can of spray,
give it a little shake. Spray it. (foam hissing) Like that. And I’m gonna take my
finger and wipe it down. And then we’re gonna take
a little bit of paper towel and just very gently wipe away
the excess of the spray foam. And you can see there,
it looks really clean. And we may go over it
again with a second layer, just to get a little bit more in there. So now we’re gonna go
and do this section here. And I always like to start near the bottom and work my way up. So we’ve got that there. I’m gonna spray foam it. (foam hissing) I’m gonna wipe it upward with my finger. Get it all off of there. Get a little paper towel. Wipe off the excess foam. Just do a little adjusting here with the finger on the curve. And there you have it. When it dries, you won’t even see any of the evidence of
the spray foam there. We’re gonna let this sit like this all day with the water in the tub, here, to keep the tub in that
slightly deformed shape so that this product can cure on here. And then later on at the end
of the day, before we leave, we’ll go ahead and drain out the tub. All right, so now I’m gonna
come back in this corner here and work my way a little bit this way. I’m getting a couple of
these little thin spots that I missed. Gonna get that little guy out of the way. We’re gonna take our foam. (foam hissing) Little more there. See how quick and easy that was? It’s about 10 seconds’
worth of work, right there.



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What tricks or techniques do you use to caulk a bathtub?
Let us know in the comments below, and post questions you have on caulking, we will give you answers and more tips.


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Tools used i this How to Caulk video:

CAULK-EZ (EZ-4), Caulk Tooling Aid, 2.5 fl oz Spray Can
Dripless 10oz Ergonomic Caulk Gun:


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Windex also works well

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