How do you supplement vitamins for a baby on an exclusive human milk diet?

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Vitamins and minerals are a hot topic, especially when you’re thinking about an exclusive human milk diet. The exclusive
human milk diet, or the Prolact+ products, don’t provide a full complement of
vitamins. And so we have to supplement vitamins on top of the fortifier. I’ve
done some looking into vitamin requirements for premature infants, and
when you really start looking into it, you’ll find that the results are
different depending on what resource you’re looking at. I looked at four
well-known resources, let’s say for example, for what nutrients mom’s milk
has in it, and what I saw was four very different nutritional values, for all the
different vitamins and minerals, so I think it’s really hard to say exactly
what the premature baby needs for vitamin specifically. And how much
vitamins are actually in Mom’s own milk. At this time most facilities provide a
poly visol or a poly visol-like product to supplement the vitamins in their
babies on an exclusive criminal diet. And my facility is the same. We provide
poly visol, one ml but we split that dose as 0.5 mls BID, to
improve tolerance, and that’s how we provide additional vitamins. That doesn’t
provide vitamins, like vitamin K, biotin or folic acid but there aren’t too many
vitamins preparations available and none really that are specifically designed
for a premature infant. So at this time we provide the poly visol and we haven’t seen any nutritional deficiencies, we haven’t seen vitamin
deficiencies, and because our babies are growing well, and the fact that they’re
not on the exclusive human milk diet for their entire NICU stay, remember
these babies are getting vitamins when they’re receiving TPN and then they’re
also getting vitamins after their off the exclusive human milk diet. So we feel very comfortable right now with the way that we’re providing
vitamins for these babies but I think it is an interesting hot topic because when you really go digging into what vitamins are
available in mom’s milk and even what the recommendations are for vitamins for
these babies, you come up with very different answers depending on where you look.

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