Hooded Baby Towel review

By Grover Koelpin No comments

hey guys so I got the coolest little set here it’s little baby monkey with its headphones and I absolutely love this towel this is her new favorite towel right now and what I love about it is that it’s eco-friendly we’re like really into that right now and I want her to grow up knowing that that is important anyway this is ultra soft super soft towel she doesn’t want to let it go right now but I love that it has a little hood on it so I can just wrap her up in it and it’s a pretty big size and whoo another thing about it is that it’s really breathable so it’s just really nice on her skin and I don’t I’ve gotten ones before they’re like just real kind of stiff and I don’t like that and the dry time on them is awesome too it just dries really quick and it actually absorbed feels like it’s absorbing the water off her skin which I like a really cool bonus that it came with here is a Pasi holder haven’t used it yet but what I think that these are good for that it comes with extra little bonuses like this is good for like baby shower gifts but that’s super cute too and it just clips on to her shirt or onto the car seat and another really cool little bonus here is a little burp rag same little cute monkey I absolutely love this and they’re just like I said they’re water absorbent if I spill anything or she burps up and I mean I’ve washed them already and they just come in like really well-made material so I wash them a lot she spills a lot she likes to drag them around the house sometimes too and they just stay in really good shape so I definitely recommend them

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