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hey guys I’m rich from Xtreme
Xperience, I’m one Juan’s our expert detailer we’re gonna put honest wash to
the test so we’re gonna give you a quick reviewed and see how it does on this GTR
that’s been on the racetrack all weekend stay tuned so we just mixed up a nice healthy
dosage of our hyper mint wash and first impressions or it’s really minty
tingling it’s got a nice tingling sensation typically something I go for
in my you know toothpaste but maybe maybe the GTR when we start brushing it
will appreciate it as well I can also now feel the tingling this is
interesting it smells mighty mighty Car Wash-ie we’re gonna test this out see if it can
clear brake dust from heavy usage on a track day this GTR takes a beating
probably turned about I don’t know 500 laps or so over the past weekend and
this will be a really good opportunity to see whether or not it can handle all
the built-up brake dust from performance brake pads on a high-performance
supercar like the GTR see how it stacks up Juan just hit both the passenger side
wheels with the Brake Dust Pro and what we found out so far is whether or not
you’re scrubbing it or just letting it sit for a while it was powerful enough
to lift a bunch of that brake dust right off of the wheels nice to know that we
could have something handy at the track maybe spray it down really quick and
just go ahead and spray it off it’ll look pristine for a customer getting
ready to jump in for the next few laps so all’s we did is spray and leave it
and it came out looking pretty good already something that we would probably
say hey this is good to go if we were at the track and the car just needed a
quick wash so after looking at a little bit further it got most of the dust and
debris but to make sure that this stuff is show quality which we like to
maintain it as such we went ahead and hit it with a brush but virtually it
looks like all the dirt has pretty much been taken off pretty good rating for
something that you just spray on and leave for a few minutes and wash off so
not a bad job by the great dust bro so far Juan just hit the entire front of the car
with the bug remover we’re gonna see how this does will pick
up a lot of like rubber tar different things from the track sometimes paint
sometimes other things obviously a lot of bugs so as it settles on the car it
should start releasing some of those materials that are a little bit
harder to get or something that you would miss with an actual brush or
anything that you would use to clean the front of your car all right so the bug
remover has been applied to the front of the car we went ahead and brushed that
down and at the same time while the car was still wet Juan is now using the
honest wash the hyper mint wash to be exact with a microfiber wash mitt. Microfiber only for any car if you don’t want scratches so anyways Juan’s gonna go ahead
and use to wash to go ahead and clear anything else that hasn’t been blown off
by any water obviously then you need to scrub the car down so he used a
combination of two different things he used a wash mint microfiber wash mitt
then you also used a brush that had like really soft material on it kind of like
a wash mitt with an actual post to go ahead and get some leverage onto the car
to go ahead and wash it down what we’re noticing about this hyper mint wash is
it’s it’s a pretty soft mix it’s not that ultra foamy soap that you might be
used to seeing from other people we’ll see how that plays out on the actual car
hopefully the finish looks really nice and yeah we’ll see how it does once
everything gets cleared off we’ve tested out the bug delete so far looks
pretty good as I said before we’ll pick up a ton of debris from the track this
could be rubber from tires ahead of us or it could just simply be bugs
typically products like this it’ll remove both they kind of explain how to
use it here we applied it the exact way and looks like the results are pretty
good so little to no bugs at all sometimes yeah sometimes stuff gets
stuck we do have a clear bra on here so that will retain some sediment sometimes
but with a wipe over with a microfiber towel it’s all gone so pretty good job
two thumbs up Juan approved. Do you have Juan-thumb or two thumbs? Juan-thu… Dos! thanks for watching guys make sure you
like comment and subscribe below we’ll see you on the next lap

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