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Digging down… (scream) Dude, It’s a COFFIN! It’s FGTV! (garble) What’s up FGTVers we are back playing Hello Neighbor The Alpha One update Which is in the middle of the first one we played and the second one we played. It’s confusing we know. some crazy stuff happened as promised I said I would not play this one again Until we made some progress with the video. (Screams) So at home we’ve got a jackhammer got a flashlight… Alright that’s was not floating A second ago. Stuff is just legit possessed in this- in this world. We got the hammer a key a pick I don’t know what happened,
but something happened like something legit crazy happened because inside like I
don’t it just keeps making this noise in like
inside we w- what a shark! (scream) is this a dream? wait I’m afraid of what is that
his wife yeah it is mm-hmm is she sad? Does
mustache what his wife has a mustache can I park for a bell Danny wait how how
I’m afraid with that shark get me will I die F oh I can’t get it alright we’ll
wait be we’ll come back to I even know I was trying to get a what
in here what is this do it oh there’s a grave there’s a grave there’s some but
me about instructions there’s a base like a bathtub wait I put the bell right
there uh-huh on this ah I put the bell on that and
then and someone did someone rings it so if somebody’s under here what is it
that’s a shovel we can open that no I’m trying to tell you something legit crazy
happen like all the doors are blown off and broken
IIIi don’t know what to do but I want to go upstairs beside cake is
that in the neighbor he’s like right he’s right there you see his hand he’s
right there so how do we get back upstairs
boy why is this upstairs not the same as the other upstairs but what’s in here
what’s in here anything’s in here oh wait wait oh wait wait wait wait wait
wait Lily can we go outside what if he moves when I do this oh look there he is
all right we can’t let him see us wait if I go in here well he won’t he see me
Yeah right dude we’re like legit just stuck in this evil house
wait what if I grab a door whoa whoa watch it dude I got a watch oh I just
got an apple why did say that that was an apple dude
it’s getting dark what if I throw this right there yeah no no why does this say
that looks an apple I got an apple door okay right there eat it yes this fall
down no fall down fall down for them okay
oh no I was hoping I could stand on it should I do this way it’s getting so
dark we need to turn it to daytime time set zero time set zero and yes wait what
no no I might have just ruined it wait no I think I just ruined it
no no there’s not gonna be a sharky malarkey up there I don’t get out of
this mode I’m straight up to a sniper vision maybe let him catch you and it
will go away let’s you haven’t if I step on one of these things okay come and get
me sir oh no the following is crashed hope the game ah dude our game is bugged
ah that game is so possessed and bugged out that it it bugged out we’re getting
a jackhammer again there’s a bell in a toilet
we’re in his bedroom go under the bed oh it’s a crowbar
check this out is everything that we gotta get the crowbar got a key
we got three binoculars a hammer one bail a crowbar a toaster a couple pieces
of bread a tomato for on top of the HELLO NEIGHBOR KAMI MENYUKAI SHARK + COFFING ANDA wait wait no let’s look at my sandwich
oh that’s cool that’s cool let’s go back in and what do we we didn’t get a pic
yeah oh yeah do we need a pig let’s try a hammer and a crowbar and a bell wanted
to roll with those earlier I try to put my boxes here to see if I can make a
staircase to like get up there cuz the Bell right in there but it didn’t work
anyways alright let’s go in through here see I still don’t know like if we’re
supposed to do something with this oven what if it is a wheel oh that’s his heat
to his house and we also um we turned the power off because we realized if we
turn the Pat I’m hoping it works I’m gonna I’m gonna feel silly if it doesn’t
work but by turning off the power watch this we you can’t get into the elevator
and he’s upstairs right now which means we trapped him upstairs and we turned
off the coal and we turned off the heat so he’s gonna be he’s gonna be cold
oh is this it yeah yeah oh sweet wait a minute we’ve got a bell now instruction
just put it right here mm-hmm that didn’t work it’s right here oh oh
no one ringgit Oh what oh it opened yeah I didn’t even have to use the hammer to
break it I got a shovel oh I have to take it oh I’m digging down huh dude
it’s a coffin go on little Pokemon get out here I just
realized this I don’t know what took me so long he destroyed his floor yeah bird
order give us e oh he was using Aires I thought he had door locks he was
just cheers to block the door I’m so late wait can I like break the coffin
with it cause I was like it’s open wait hold on don’t I have a crowbar
crowbar what do I do Oh shows a feature there’s a watermelon
a teacher I take her good dance with her be quiet and dance with me
y’all just dude is straight up creeps man yeah that was all for nothing kinda
hmm I feel really hot so that’s it oh I’m sorry
is that his wife I’m just happy that he can’t get to us go upstairs I know but
this won’t lead it to Oh crowbar right yeah I had a key okay wait oh dude we’ve
got the crowbar are we about to unlock his basement wait I need to go get the
key right mmm got a guy let’s go see if we can get
into the basement where is it there’s anything in here no right yeah nothing
in there clucks Tish go upstairs yeah why basement okay
go what what doesn’t work maybe it’s not the right key
no wait what about a hammer no Charlotte seems
Cobar doesn’t work go upstairs yeah I’m going upstairs
this is a shark up here whoa whoa dude where’s the shark at the entire thing is
frozen did we kill the shark to this dude hold on what’s in here
ha ah dude it go keep you a key new key what do you mean no it’s not working
Oh Apple do we found a Golden Apple it was a door yeah
so I just throw it I don’t to throw it in am i losing your gun
where’s the gun at in this one no no took in that room Oh what do this dude’s
got it us a whole school in here yeah wait was this used to be a daycare
maybe go in that room more like a day steer what oh no no we don’t want to go
in here because he’s up there wait we need it this is that door that was
locked before whoa who just who just saw a paper airplane in my class dude
there’s like ghost children in here do how do we like lock that up against the
door oh please don’t find something crazy in here no it’s not it’s just me
make a move this is nothing like the part to update there’s this there’s a
school in this man’s house there’s a rifle range
the shark is just legit gone right now yeah oh uh shark was looking for you
it’s so cold in here I can’t go in the water can you turn the heat back on
please I wanna get out of the dresser bye-bye get some sleep
gay no shark he’s crazy guy yeah we’re turning the heat back on cuz it is
freezing it look you see our breath you saw that yeah alright we’re back up here
Oh Sharky Oh a shark is there I just have to see will it attack ah gets me
that’s what you get for making me frozen how do we get up oh wait we were only on
the second floor we’d have to get to the third floor to ride the train that must
be off-limits okay – what get a Apple from the fridge and
go to that place and throw it oh okay let’s do that
I think the crass oh there is what he’s gonna have says wait did he see me you’ll never get what we just drew sub
together you see that quick go enjoy yourself yes yes
Oh bear traps bear that’s where I go where I go man check yes go go go go go
yes good we’re gonna make it we’re gonna make it okay now we’re now we’re okay
okay wait wait wait hoping okay okay security cameras shut the door
okay okay wait quick quick no mo got to pick
is he coming we’re gonna turn off the light no keep it down he’s probably
gonna hear me for one he didn’t see us in there oh my gosh to narrow that back
that was epic baby he thought we were we we went out so he put the chair there to
lock us out oh I don’t think we’re gonna need it but I’ll get it Justin Keith all
right what should I do fart fart fart fart haha he’s right there sir take a bell crap I
even even said wait shall we is there any reason why we should shut off the
power away so if he’s dead no I didn’t mean no I fell down
all right way but that means he’s upstairs wait let’s push off the power
real quick yeah we need the crowbar cuz don’t you think that this oh oh it’s
open it’s still open what should I do it oh oh we did it
no what no it’s pretty awesome we dot it I know I’m again going the
basement because we dot knows the game daddy know how we can’t go in the
basement how if you undergrad singing you probably
can’t go in the basement or work there’s just maybe there’s no basement in this
update cuz we saw the basement but that was in the last update that’s crazy
though we had some funny that was some fun stuff right you guys make sure you
thumbs up and subscribe I want to play another hello neighbor actually there is
some more hello neighbor alpha 2 type gameplay member who don’t we want to try
to find there’s like some magnet door thing right I think we’re still gonna
play alpha 2 again but anyways guys that was it for alpha 1 I guess there’s
nothing left to do right yeah that was wow that was fun yeah my computer for
video you a bigger video the same thing we just did love this little man alright
dude what’s your name Mason this is my boy Mason and the my name is fuddy and
we’re gonna check y’all later listen can you guys do me a huge huge
favor click subscribe click subscribe oh no if you are subscribed there is a
little bail notification please press that to make sure you always get
notified whenever we post new videos but that’s it and for right
now we will say goodbye to Jew and yes I will see you guys later
thank you for watching peace out B little box below bar
alright stay tuned back do some funny stuff you need me to stay till 2
what can’t you before you down nice it stay tuned
hey / – oh why does this keep happening to me what’s up everybody its Lex we’re
gonna go through all our Pokemon


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Oct 10, 2019, 7:30 am Reply

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