Healthy Habits, Teaching Kids How to Wash Their Hands

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[Upbeat music] one of the best ways to help keep germs
away is by simply washing your hands and one way to healthier kids remember to
wash their hands on a regular basis is to have a healthy and washing routine
set up at Home. A good time would be right when your child gets home. A few other
things to keep in mind make sure if they’re using soap make sure that
they’re using an episode and also that they’re washing both the front and backs
of their hands for at least 30 seconds. Here’s a fun way to show your kids the
importance of washing their hands. Shake glitter into your child’s hands. Then you
have them rinse their hands with just water. Yep! The glitter is still there. Now
have your child try washing their hands with soap and just like that the glitter is
gone. Explain to the germs are a lot like glitter. Which is why it’s so important
to wash their hands on a frequent basis. Not only does this help your kids stay
healthy but helps everyone around them stay healthier too. For more and watching
fun visit [Upbeat music]

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