Hand Held Shower Installation — Waterpik Twin Turbo

By Grover Koelpin 3 comments

Welcome to the Waterpik® shower
head installation video. Replacing your shower head
is so easy anyone can do it. And it takes just a few minutes. Some tools you may
need for installation are adjustable pliers
and a cloth rag. The first step is to
remove the old shower head. To make sure you don’t
scratch the fixture, cover the pliers
with the cloth rag. Use the pliers to remove
the existing shower head from the pipe
by unscrewing in a counterclockwise direction. Once removed, set the
shower head aside. Before you install
the new shower head, you should first remove any old
Teflon tape or plumber’s putty. Unpack your hand held
shower head and components. Locate the shower bracket and
find the threaded connection. Make sure the rubber
washer is in place. Thread the bracket onto the
pipe in a clockwise direction and tighten by hand. Place the rag over the
pivot ball connection to protect from
scratching the product. Tighten the connection
securely with the pliers, but do not overtighten. Once the connection is snug,
loosen the large bracket nut and rotate the
front of the bracket to the desired position. When positioned correctly,
retighten the nut. Locate the shower hose
and check the connections to make sure the rubber
washers are present. Locate the hose end that
connects to the bracket by checking the labeling. If there’s no
labeling on your hose, then either end should work. Connect the correct
hose end to the bracket by turning clockwise. Run your hand down the
hose to unfurl any twists. Then, connect the other end
of the hose to the shower by turning in a
clockwise direction. Place the shower
head into the bracket in the preferred position. Turn on the water all the
way and test all connections for leakage. If leaks appear at any
of the connections, shut off the water, tighten
the connection, and re-test. If no leaks are visible, you
are ready to enjoy your Waterpik® shower head. It takes just minutes to
power up your daily shower experience. If you have further questions,
visit our customer service page at waterpik.com


Dajour Livingston22

Sep 9, 2017, 9:56 pm Reply

What if you don't have a wrench?

Dominique Devereux

Feb 2, 2018, 3:32 am Reply

I just bought this shower head, and I have tried connecting the part that connects to the shower arm (or in my case — the diverter) with plumber's tape to varying degrees & without plumbers tape, and no matter what, after a few seconds of running the water, there is always a small, steady leak at this connection point & I am about to scream.  I am not a handy person at all, and all of these shower heads claim that they are so easy to install, yet despite me following all of the steps, there is always a leak somewhere.  I had a completely different diverter and shower head previously, and could not determine which was causing the leak, so I bought a completely new diverter (Delta brand) & and completely new showerhead (Waterpik Elite Twin Turbo) & still there is a leak at the diverter showerhead connection point.  I don't know what else to do, but it's hard for me to believe that out of all the shower heads at the store, and this being the second showerhead I've bought, albeit a different brand than the first one, that I happened to pick out the one faulty showerhead of this kind.  I don't believe it's the diverter, cuz it's a quality brand diverter and it has enough threads to accommodate screwing on the showerhead handle connection to a tight enough degree, yet it still leaks.  I have been without a shower for two weeks, and just using the filter attached to the shower arm because although I had the showerhead, I had to wait on the diverter to be delivered through the mail, now I have the diverter and the shower bracket connection is leaking where it screws on to the diverter.  I don't want to have to take this showerhead back to Bed, Bath, & Beyond as it will be my 2nd showerhead from them, and my 2nd time returning one within 2wks.  What the hell am I supposed to do?!!


Sep 9, 2018, 1:54 am Reply

Thank you very much! The instructions that came with the thing were a bit confusing. Removing the old plumber's tape was the most time consuming part of the installation. Got away with only using a wrench to uninstall the old shower head bracket, hand tightened this new one and after a few minutes test so far so good. If it starts leaking later, guess I'll tighten it with the wrench. One thing I don't like so far is how the bracket squeaks very loudly whenever it's pivoted.

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