Guinot Creme Douche Mousse de Coton – Creamy Shower Foam for All Skin Types

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Hello and welcome to the Abloomnova Channel Guinot Creamy Shover Foam is a Body Cleanser for all skin types, even delicate skin this shower foam helps to relieve sensitivity and delicate skin formulated with sacred Lotus it helps to eliminate the effect of hard water, while gently removing daily impurities. Rich in provitamins and fatty acids it works to protect your skin’s natural defenses,
regenerate your skin and nourish as well. It helps to also prevent dryness, while leaving your
skin velvety soft the foam itself has a very delicate, sweet scent and the color, I would say it’s sort of soft peach color. And when, before you apply it, it’s actually more like a gell texture. Apply this as you would with a normal shower gel. All over your body and don’t forget to rinse throughly. You can find this product at don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube
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