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>>Hey guys, it’s Karina!>>It’s Ronald, and we are from!>>SIS vs BRO! And today, we are doing the Giant Gummy>>Versus Tiny Gummy Challenge!>>So, one person will
get the giant gummies.>>And the other will
get the tiny gummies.>>Yeah, he’s a little bit crazy. I’m so hungry. So let’s start.>>Dish number one.>>Alright. Rock, paper, scissors. Who goes first?>>Rock, papers, scissors, shoot! Yeah! Alright.>>What are you gonna do?>>I’m not sure. I wanna pick mine.
I’m gonna keep it.>>Three, two, one!>>Yeah!
>>No! She got the biggest
banana ever!>>I got the giant gummy banana! It’s so big you guys!>>Look at my banana.>>Check this out,
it’s all covered in sugar!>>Oh, that looks so yummy. But look at mine. Alrighty.
You want to try this?>>I’m gonna try mine. Three, two, one. Oh my God, that’s so sugary. And it taste so good!>>Mine tastes like a banana.>>Mine’s taste like banana,
but it’s super sweet!>>So ready for dish number two.>>We love gummies!>>They’re so yummy!>>We want mommy.>>Dish number two.>>Your turn to pick.>>Alright. I’m gonna keep again.>>Three, two, one!>>Yeah!
>>I got a tiny.>>I got the hugest foot
in the world.>>And I got a tiny
little baby foot. It kind of looks like a pointer finger, but it’s a foot. And the foot is
the size of this toe. That’s crazy.
>>Oh, my god!>>Alright.>>Are you ready to try? I’m going to try the…>>I’m gonna try the toe. I’m gonna try the pinky toe.>>Three, two, one.>>The gummy is really hard. It kind of tastes
like a strawberry. Meanwhile.>>Mine’s super hard. Mine tastes like
cotton candy gummy.>>Mine taste really hard
but like the flavor of the strawberry is pretty good.>>For a little tiny foot.>>For a foot. would be stinky.>>Ready for dish number three!>>Dish number three. What you gonna do with that big bad–
>>All right I’m gonna keep mine!>>Alright.>>Three, two, one! Yay!
>>Oh no!>>Oh my god! That’s so small!>>I got a little tiny cool emoji.>>And I got the tongue emoji.>>Wait! No, isn’t that? Wait.>>This is a marshmallow.
>>Is that a pancake? No. Or am I just being wrong?>>I feel like this is
a marshmallow.>>Wow! It’s not a gummy!>>Wait. Oh my God. This is a 100% marshmallow, it’s sticking to the thing! Oh my God, this is
such a cool thing.>>I don’t know if you guys can see it,
but it’s a cool emoji with glasses on.>>I think it’s pretty cool.>>Yeah. Alright.>>Let’s try it. Three,>>two, one! Tastes like a marshmallow
with sugar on it! It’s so good!>>Mine, taste like a plain,
plain, plain orange gummy. Like, so plain. Okay. So moving on
to dish number four!>>Dish number four.>>Alrighty, you get to pick! Which dish you get?>>Keep!>>Keep? Alrighty.>>Three, two, one!>>Yay!
>>Yay! I remember! From gummy versus
real extreme edition.>>I got a tiny little poop. It’s a very tiny one. Very. Very tiny.
>>Very tiny.>>Alrighty. This guy’s wobbling. There we go. Ooh! Look at me! Ooh! Look at me! Ooh! Look at me!
>>Alright, let’s try this. Three, two, one. Ew. The taste level went up to extreme.
>>Tastes like poop.>>What?! Are you actually kidding? I’m not kidding, okay?
It kinda tastes like poop. Bleh. Sweet poop.
>>Mine tastes like poop too.>>But now, it kind of looks
like a butt crack. Do you see it, Ronald? Do you guys see it?>>Yeah. I see it.>>You see the butt crack? Both poop gummies,
giant and tiny were disgusting!>>Yup! You’re on my butt!>>Dish number five.>>I really can’t tell what this is. I wonder.>>Yeah, but it’s
my turn to pick. You’re gonna get the tiny one. I’m gonna switch. This is really heavy.>>Oh, that’s heavy. Alrighty. Three, two, one. Yeah! It’s…>>Mine’s so small.>>Look at mine, it’s a huge teddy…>>What is this?!
>>Bear. It’s so tiny.>>Mine is like ten million times bigger.>>My god this is actually really heavy!>>Oh yeah!>>Why did they make a hole
in the stomach, anyways.>>Nobody knows.>>Maybe it could be like
a bowl for these little guys. Maybe ’cause he’s
slipping down right now.>>Oh my god. Oh he–.>>He’s just relaxing you know.>>Yeah, this is like…>>Chillin out. And all you can
see is his butt.>>He’s so heavy.>>Come on use all your power. Power, power!>>Power hower b-b-bower!>>Okay, so let’s try
our tiny little gummies and our giant gummies. Three, two, one!>>Mine tastes like an orange. My god. That’s so good it’s like such
a strong strawberry flavor! I know right?>>Oh my god, that’s so good! My gummy was delicious too but this is a hundred
percent much better.>>Oh my god. It’s so good.>>Ready for dish number six.>>Dish number six.>>Alrighty! So, it’s your turn to pick.>>Alright I’m gonna… switch!>>Alrighty. I think I’m gonna
get the big gummy!>>I feel like I’m gonna get it.>>Or they’re both on plates. Three, two, one!>>Yay!
>No! It’s not a giant,
but yours is so tiny. Yeah, look at it. Guys, look at my little
tiny hamburger.>>Mine isn’t actually
isn’t actually giant but it’s bigger
than the other one. Yep.>>Alright. I want to try this. Three, two, one. Do you like it?>>It’s like too much
flavors mixing together. It makes a weird taste. I don’t like it. Mine’s sweet. Pretty tasty, I love it. Good Krabby Patty.>>Number eight.>>Alrighty.>>I think I’m gonna keep mine
>>Is it my turn? cause it’s kinda slidey
>>It’s my turn.>>No, it’s my turn. Didn’t you pick the last one?>>Oh, yeah okay.>>Three, two, one.>>No! Oh you got the giant spider again!>>Gummy versus real extreme edition!>>It looks like I have
a tiny little octopus.>>I’m gonna bite into its butt. Three, two, one. Quite good for a spider’s butt. It tastes like strawberry.>>It tastes like sugary orange. That’s what it tastes like. Alright ready for dish number nine!>>Dish number nine.>>Alrighty. I’m going to keep mine. Three, two, one!>>Check out this giant egg! It’s humongous! Yep, it’s huge. Look I got a little tiny one.>>Little baby egg. Alrighty. So is it time to try? Three, two, one! Ew.>>This doesn’t taste good actually.>>Wait, no. The yellow taste like lemon.>>Ew!>>And the white taste
like marshmallow.>>So this time the giant
one is not the best one. And apparently,
the tiny one’s now good.>>It’s really good. Alright, ready for dish number 10!>>Dish number 10. Alrighty, I’m gonna keep mine. Three, two, one! Yes! You got the tiny coke bottle. I got the huge. Guys, look at the cokes. Mine is so big!>>And mine is so tiny.>>Alrighty, let’s try it!>>Three, two, one. Actually tastes like Coca-Cola. I got a hard Coca-Cola.>>This taste like nothing,
the yellow part. But the black part
tastes like coke. It’s really good.>>Of course cause any Coca-Cola
will taste amazing.>>Alrighty, let’s go. Ready for dish number 11.>>Dish number 11.>>Alrighty, it’s your turn to pick.>>I’m gonna switch.>>Alrighty! Let’s do this. Three, two, one! Yes! I got the giant gummy strawberry!>>And look at my tiny strawberry, it’s so tiny.>>I know, right?>>Alright.>>Three, two, one. It tastes like sweet, strawberry!>>Wait. Oh my god, it tastes like puke.>>It tastes like poo?>>Puke!>>I had the strawberry taste and
at the back of my throat it was puke!>>Oh. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. Alrighty, ready for dish number 12.>>Dish number twelve>>Alrighty I’m going to keep mine! Three, two, one! Go!
>>Oh I got it! Hot dog.>>I got the tiniest. No wait, no. There’s the sausage.>>I could take the hot dog off the bun.>>There’s sausage. There’s the mustard. There’s the– Guys, look at it!>>Oh, it has some relish on there
cause I see some green.>>Yep. Or pickles.
>>Alright, so we’re gonna try. Three, two, one!>>Tastes like a hot dog in gummy version.>>Taste like plain sugar. It tastes like, sweet. That’s all taste like. And a bit cold too. This one was actually not bad.>>Yep. Mine too.>>Alrighty. Ready for dish number 13!>>Dish number 13.>>Alrighty, Karina.
What are you going to pick?>>Keep.>>Three, two, one! Yes! I got the giant gummy pizza!>>Well, check out my pizza it’s so tiny.>>Whoa, that looks actually
more good, somehow.>>Yeah, it’s super cute.>>One, two, three,
four, five slices. Wow.>>I got five slices of the pizza.>>And I got, one, two, three, four. Alrighty. Three, two, one!>>Taste like gummies.>>Oh my, it taste so good!>>Does it taste better
than regular pizza?>>I would say they’re on the same taste level.>>Okay good because nothing beats pizza.>>It’s like, you taste strawberry, then you taste the crust and you
taste like poo and it just– uh! It’s so good.>>Mine is super cute and delicious.>>Alrighty!>>Wrecked. Moving on to dish number 14!>>The last dish.>>Dish number 14.>>Uh, it’s my turn to pick
and I feel like I want that.>>Oh, that’s heavy. I can’t tell what it is. I can’t tell.>>I think it’s a snake. Alrighty, three, two, one! Ooh!>>I got a little tiny gummy worm. Oh my god! This thing is wild! How long is this?>>It’s more like, how wide is this?!>>Let’s try to untangle it
to see how big it really is.>>It looks like it’s
pretty decent size.>>For a gummy. Mine’s the really tiny little gummy worm. And this a legit snake! Wow! Wow!
>>Look at that! I think this is longer than our
entire thing cause there’s a twirl here.>>Yup!>>Oh wow. Alright, I guess we’re
gonna have to try it. Ronald you can try yours. I’m gonna try my head.>>Three, two, one.>>Mine tastes good.>>It tastes like
a wild gummy bear.>>Mine tastes like strawberry. Check out this vicious beast. If I was face to face
with this thing I would just run.>>I can’t believe they
make so big gummies! What’s gonna be next? Ow! Oh that snake–
>>Snake attacking you.>>That hurt. Wow! This is cool.>>This is huge. I’m gonna keep it as a pet.>>Are we gonna spend time
looking at your gummy? Or…>>Nah. It’s too lame. I like this one better. Look at its head. It looks like a real snake. Except it’s too shiny
cause of the gummy.>>Yeah. That is one giant gummy.>>Biggest I ever seen.>>Okay. So we hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye.

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