Getting a Seat in a Woven Wrap Back Carry

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Hi, I’m Laura with Babywearing Twin
Cities and this is going to be a video of how I get a good seat with my toddler
on my back in a wrap. So, I’m using a size 1 wrap but this is gonna be a torso
carry. So I’m getting my child on my back I’m gonna do a hip scoop for her on this
one. Alright. And the way I create a seat is I’m gonna tighten the top edge to
kind of keep my child still. Whatever carry you’re doing, you should be able to
hold the top edge tight somehow. Now I’m gonna take this fabric and pull it all
the way down so that it’s smooth across her back, and then I’m gonna shove all
that extra fabric up between her butt and my back. I can also reach under her
legs like this from both sides to grab that fabric can really pull it up. You
can see even though she’s big – she’s over 3 years old – I’m still able to get quite
a lot of fabric up under her butt right here. So once I’ve got that good seat I’m
gonna hold it tight and finish off my carry. That is how I get a good seat in a woven
wrap on my back with a big ol’ toddler. Thanks!

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