Get a Klue about Soap Scum

By Grover Koelpin 1 comment

Hey guys, Klueles Kat here again, …and today
we are getting a Klue about… soap scum! So, one of the fun bathtime activities that
I have allowed my toddlers over the years to do, is play with chalk on the bathtub walls,
however, this is not always easy to clean off. So, I’ll give you a little example here, hold
on. Using water… oh well, that was a bad example,
cuz, haha, I’ve already been cleaning in here., …but you can see, water.. oon…doesn’t
take it off. Can you see that? Oh yeah, haha, you can see that. Ok, Haha. And then.. dish, dishwater soap to wash that
off and a regular rag aaaaaand, I mean it comes off, …but it kinda feels like you
gotta really scrub at it, so, not my favorite way. This is my dishsoap water, and.. I mean, it will take it off, but you really
do have to like scrub hard, and obviously it does not look like it is taking it off
in the picture. So, these are my current tools of the trade,
for soap scum, and I actually got both of these at the dollar store, the L.A.- ah
Lalalalala Dollar Tree. So, all together I spent 2 dolla, to get this
L.A.’s Totally Awesome Orange all purpose cleaner and the magic erasers. It’s going to be amazing! And I use the orange cleaner instead, …and
I’ll do a slightly, a spot over here so that hopefully you can
still see it, …and my magic eraser. Um, I mean, I’m not even scrubbing, i’m just
barely even rubbing this and it’s just like: BAM! That was so awesome, I wanna watch it again! And that…and then watch this…Aaawh! Gently rubbing, and look at that… it’s just..
disappearing. I mean seriously, this is really awesome,
along with that orange cleaner. Yeah, yay Dollar Tree! For 2 dolla, 2 dolla, I make the bathroom
shiny. Woo!

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Nov 11, 2019, 7:09 am Reply

That's a clean bunch of tiles😆

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