(ENG SUB) 현아(HyunA) “같이 하라고 하면 못해요” @ ‘FLOWER SHOWER’x’MONEY’ Showcase 쇼케이스 (던 DAWN) [통통TV]

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You’re making a simultaneous comeback, and Dawn, you think HyunA is your rival, right? Yes. I’d like to know if you’ve ever felt pressure about this simultaneous comeback. Okay. When I first found out about your comeback, I thought you would be releasing a duet album. So did anyone propose this idea or can this be part of your future plans? Dawn, coming back on the same day with her could be burdensome, if you think about it. I actually felt less pressured. It’s my first solo album, so I doubted myself if I could do well or not. – I do have such great staffs working for me.
– Right. But still, I wasn’t sure if I could do well. – Making a simultaneous comeback let me rely on her a lot.
– True. – You both rely on each other.
– Yeah. It was nice because I could rely on her. I also thought it was a duet comeback. I got to talk with HyunA, so I realized it was a solo album for both of them released on the same day. I’m sure many people thought the same way. I’ve heard about this a lot, too. When I told my family and friends that I’m working on a new album, they asked me if we were making a comeback as a duet. I said, ‘No, we are not.’ ‘We will be releasing separate solo albums.’ We are just releasing two separate albums. To be honest, our music style, genre and what music we like are totally different. I respect him a lot and learn so many things from him. He motivates me as well. But I don’t think I can ever work with him as a duet. You can’t? Ha ha. It sounds like a great idea, though. It does, but do we really have to? There’s something our CEO would say. What is it? ‘I think you two should compete/battle against each other someday.’ A competition/battle, not a duet? I think the day has come earlier than we thought. Such a big competition right off the bat.
Anyways, you two have different music styles. Please search TongTongTV online.


Peet Patchara

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Sky Lewlew

Nov 11, 2019, 7:17 am Reply

Sweet couple

Nurul annisa maydina

Nov 11, 2019, 7:47 am Reply

Sweet couple sarangheyo fingting


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💜 eng sub pls 💜

TongTongTV 통통컬처

Nov 11, 2019, 8:17 am Reply

The English subs are now up. Thank you for your patience!


Nov 11, 2019, 9:27 am Reply

"But do we really have to?" I'M SO GLAD SHE SAID IT. People really need to stop expecting the idols to mix their career and personal life.

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