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Hello everyone. Hello everyone. I’m a story-teller, Heath I’m going to talk to you about an interesting brand story. If you’re curious, please watch the show Then, let’s get started! I’m gonna talk to you about an interesting brand story. Today, I uploaded my previous video Uniqlo. I wanted to study SPA brand a little, so I prepared a video about SPA. Of course, there are other stories. But since there are so many in the amount, I’ll tell you guys in advance and start the video. The 21st century fashion market is changing rapidly to match the pace of modern people’s lives in pursuit of technological advances, rapid aesthetics. Spain’s SPA brand, ZARA (Sara), and Zara, which are overwhelmingly supported by young people around the world with the latest trends, affordable prices and fast product rotation. They say you don’t read it to grow up in Spain. If you’re curious, please watch the video through. Zara is the flagship brand of Inditex, the world’s largest fashion group located in Artiexo, Spain, and is a global SPA brand loved around the world It’s famous for its low-priced, sensuous new products that come out fast. The brand’s signature is the slim, chic ‘Z/A/R/A’ logo, which has attracted attention since replacing the BIOS in 45 years The new logo has narrowed the gap between the intervals compared to the previous one. The name Zara comes from Zorba the Greek, a highly impressed film by its founder Amancio Ortega. He turned the sign into a ZORBA when the store opened. But when he finds out he’s already using a name in a nearby bar, he takes the letters “O” and “B” out of the name ZORBA and names them “ZARA.” Awesome, the book I’ve been reading lately is “Greek Zorba.” Let me tell you a little bit about Zorba, the Greek. The main character who owns a mine that he received as a legacy on Crete Island is a movie about how his outlook on life changes while meeting the free-spirited Greek old man, Zorba. It’s based on a best-selling novel of the same name. Nickos Kazanchakis, who has been nominated twice for the Nobel Prize and is called the master of modern literature. (Nicos Kazankashi…) (I thought I’d be wrong here.) The novel by Nicos Kazanzakis became a movie. Jorba, who was free and open to emotion, was a sage who, although he did not take formal education courses, realized the philosophy of life more deeply than any other scholar. He is not a willing subservient to the virtues and order demanded by society, but a true free man who has gone through everything with his body, judging and deciding for himself. Next is the founder’s biography, HISTORY. Amancio Ortega, the founder of the brand, was born in 1936 as the youngest of three children in Busdongo de Arbus, a small town in Leon, Spain. His childhood experience with Gala realized that it was more important to deliver what customers wanted quickly than to build a lot of inventory. In 1953, when he was 17 years old, he started his career working for La Maja, a large retail store. Over the next 10 years as a store manager, Amancio Ortega has a strong trust relationship with the fabric supplier When you start your own business, you’ll get the fabric at a low price. In 1963, Amancio Ortega, 27, opened orphan Convexiones, a small clothing store in downtown Lakorunya. The name Goa is said to have read backwards the initials of his full name, Amancio Ortega Gaona. Since then, we have established a volunteer cooperative composed of women who are good at Bongjae, increased the number of people in the industry, and reinforced the logistics system. We also improved our product style through a contract with a designer company, and strengthened our family management system. Twelve years later, in 1975, Amancio Ortega, 39, opened its first retail store in Lakorunya when it had enough capital. He put a sign on this retail store called ZARA, which is the beginning of the ZARA brand today. [HISTORY: ZARA] History of Zara Amancio Ortega used high-end designs to create affordable products, but he said he didn’t have the strength to grow up to be a new brand. . So he was convinced that the quick launch of trend-reflecting products would be a differentiator, and he was working on a new business strategy that would break existing business practices. To understand this business strategy, there are several concepts that need to be preceded. The lead time for traditional clothing brands (from planning to producting) typically took about five to six months. The brands produced two or three collections a year, and each collection was designed to predict consumer needs. Uncertainty in the forecast runs the risk of slowing sales. Amancio Ortega wanted to minimize this risk by shortening Zara’s lead time. We’ve come up with a fast fashion system where consumers can identify the trends they want and quickly produce and deliver the clothing they want. So what did you do to create a system like this? Dismantlement Amancio Ortega realizes that first, it has to be in direct control of production and distribution to reduce lead time as much as possible. He builds factories in Galicia, absorbs small production plants in the region and builds enough production systems. The second is a fast information processing system. He’s bringing in Jose Maria Castellano, the brother-in-law who was working as the data processing manager at the time. Since 1984, we’ve recruited him as orphan Connexiones to computerize the logistics system. The information and logistics system that we built later became the foundation for Zara’s success. In the early 1980s, the market expanded throughout Spain. By the end of the ’80s, there were about 80 Zara stores open across Spain. In ’85, Amancio Ortega established the current holding company of Zara, Industry de Deeño Textil Inditex will then have a two-week system of product merchandising in its Zara store and update its new products accordingly. Following its successful overseas expansion to Portugal in 1988, it opened stores in New York, the U.S., and in Paris, France, in 1990. Amancio Ortega said at the time that if Zara were successful in two cities, the fashion capital of the world, the rest of the world would be OK. The U.S. market at the time was dominated by the GAP, and the tendency of Americans to be relatively conservative in the latest trends was at a disadvantage. But things were different in the European market. Zara was very popular among young people in Europe, and by the 2000s, there were more than 400 Zara stores in Europe (six in the United States). Inditex later went public through the Madrid Stock Exchange in 2001, and Amancio Ortega became Spain’s richest man. Today, Inditex Group has more than 10 brands besides ZARA. There are Full & Bear, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, and Oysho, a brand of underwear. There are Uterque, a high-end miscellaneous item brand, Tempe, a soccer product brand, and so on. Next, I will introduce you to ZARA’s representative product line. First, women’s clothing. Zara’s women’s clothing is divided into three main groups: the Women’s line, the Basic line, the Trafaluc line. The Woman Line is a semi-casual clothing line that targets women in their mid to late 20s, and it’s a line for women in social life. It consists mainly of monochrome suits and casual products The Basic line is a basic casual line for women in their 20s and 30s. The product line, which accounts for the largest portion of women’s clothing, reflects the trend of the season the most and has more items than other lines The Basic line is designed with a comfortable, basic design and a refined style. The last line, Traplock or TRF, targets women in their teens and twenties. We’re launching a casual product that emphasizes vivacity and femininity over the Uman and Basic lines. Next is men’s clothing. Zara’s men’s clothing is divided into three groups: MODA line, Classic line and Basic line. The Moda line is a trendy product that reflects the latest trends. The word ‘Moda’ means ‘Flashion’ in Spanish Moda’s sublines include ‘Black Tag’, which is semi-casual style, which mainly uses solid colors such as white, black, and navy, and ‘Denim Couture’ which is a casual style based on authentic materials. The classic line is comfortable, classic and stylish, and the Basic line consists of basic casual items for all ages It’s the last children’s suit. The line was added after Inditex acquired kid’s clothing brand Kidisclas in 1990, and it was grown according to age and divided into kid’s and Zara’s bays Zara Kids is a line for 14-year-old children from 3-year-old infants, and it’s like a miniature of adult clothing, with a variety of materials and styles that were used for adult clothing. Zara Baby is a three-year-old baby’s uniform from one month old, and was first released in Korea in 2013. Unlike their competitors, H&M, and GAP, Zara is famous for her zero-marketing. It is said that there is an added effect that creates a sense of brand mystery to consumers and creates curiosity. But instead of not having an advertising campaign, the store window is Zara’s main advertising channel. Zara has a policy of updating the show window every two weeks so that consumers can see the latest design of Zara as they move past the store. Even now, Zara’s showwindow designer has integrated the concept and design of each store so that it can catch the eyes of consumers rather than just filling the space with mannequins. Zara’s showwindow designers identify the culture of each region and its customers’ preferences and reflect them in their showwindow designs. Zara has been able to expand its stores around the world because it has a good grasp of social trends, pop culture, values and tendencies. Zara uses hundreds of designers to monitor the streets, fashion shows and stores of Zara in real time. It’s to catch up on the trends that consumers want right away And despite the differences in body size, cultural and climatic diversity, about 90 percent of the goods are produced equally around the world. This was done through active communication with the store manager and the creative team of the head office. In addition, ZARA reduced inventory to the fullest with just-in-time low-volume production and vertically integrated design, J-I-T production, sales and logistics to maximize productivity. This short launch period of the new product gives consumers expectations and leads them to visit stores more frequently, and the rare value encourages them to purchase In Korea, it opened its first store at Lotte Young Plaza and COEX Mall in Myeong-dong through Zara Retail Korea, which was established in 2007 and introduced its Zara Home at COEX Mall in 2014 Here’s Zara’s latest move. ZARA introduced ‘A WORK OF ART COLLECTION’ in March, which is a famous art collection to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the opening of the Prado Museum in Spain. This collection is inspired by some of the world’s most well-known collections of the Prado Museum. Rubens’ Sammy god, Ticiano’s portrait of King Carl VII with a dog, and Velasquez’s Women. I’m looking forward to a special collaboration where I can meet this classic masterpiece in fashion. Amancio Ortega, who has become Spain’s richest man through freewheeling, self-confident and decision-making, not trapped in the old-fashioned logic demanded by society. His challenging and innovative way of life is through the worldview of Greek Georba and ZARA, and I’m going to finish my review today. I hope today’s video will help you. All right, please subscribe and leave some comments. it’ll be a great help to me. Next time, I will continue with an interesting brand story. Thank you for watching me through today. Ladies and gentlemen:) Well, guys. Thank you for watching the show, today. I hope today’s video will help you some If you’re connected, please subscribe my channel and leave some comments That would be really be cool. Bye


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