Emmy Rossum Was Naked in the Bathtub When She Got Engaged

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Sure, the actress is happily engaged, but
not every girl dreams of being proposed to when they’re naked in the bathtub… Which is how it went down for Emmy. Se tells the talk show, Chelsea, “I happened
to be in the bathtub when it happened… And then I realized that it was happening. And then I got out of the bathtub because
I didn’t want the story to be that I was in the bathtub when it was happening. And then I got cold as it was still going
on, got back in the bathtub. It was a comedy of errors but it all worked
out.” We’ve heard of drinking bubbly after an
engagement, but a bubble bath. But don’t worry, Emmy was always more excited
for marriage than the proposal itself. She tells the show, “I was more excited
about the idea, the concept of marriage and togetherness with the person and unity.” We guess if Emmy ever told her fiancé that
she didn’t want a public proposal, he sure knows how to listen.

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