Egg Cheese Dosa recipe | Nowadays my Kid’s favourite evening snack !!

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Hello friends and welcome on my channel and in today’s video again I am here with very easy and quick recipe.. Vanshu loves it and for me also it is very easy..especially for making as evening snack.. this is very protein rich and for kids it is a very nutritious let’s start.. If you are new on my channel then I am Vidhya and I make videos on kid friendly food, parenting and Kid’s activities ..if you like my channel then please do Subscribe to it… so first of all I am gonna tell u all quickly that how i prepare my dosa batter.. in my monthly meal plan I prepare dosa batter in alternate weeks.. if we prepare every week then it becomes monotonous and kids then get bored with i make the batter usually on Sunday night and for that by the evening i use to take 200 gms of Urad dal and 400 grams of rice.. basically i use 1:2 ratio… many people prefer ratio of 1:3 infact my mom also but I prefer 1:2 ratio that is 1 part of dal and 2 part of rice.. with this proportion the batter is very protein rich rather than carbohydrates from rice.. and taste wise its not too different… so you can definitely try this…because it is a dosa batter so I mix both of them and I also add some methi seeds..and for soaking i use to put the lid of the container and i keep it in fridge so that the mix is cold enough … why because i am gonna grind it in mixer and when we do so ..things get too hot.. that is why i put it in fridge before… so later when we grind it …it comes back to room temperature… so after 2-3 hours dal and rice are soft enough to grind it…then i set my oven to its minimum temperature and preheat it and stop it… here my batter is also ready and then i pour it into a container.. and then i keep it in the slightly preheated oven… this prevents the effect of outside temperature on the fermentation process and its definitely fermented by next morning… if climate is too cold then you can preheat oven again early in the morning at low temperature..then it will definitely rise… and i use to place half of the batter in refrigerator and rest i use…so i slightly grease the tawa and when i prepare for Vanshu I make it small and thin… and oil i use very generously.. this will make a tasty crust… then immediately break egg over it and mix the egg with the help of spoon and spread it nicely.. no need to mix the egg too much .. let it be like this only.. then again sprinkle oil.. after that when you see egg is half done you can flip it down.. and now keep the flame on high so that egg is golden brown.. my father use touse left over dosa batter to make these egg dosa… he use to prepare till here … he use to put egg..flip it and roast it nicely.. the steps which i am gonna show now I saw in a very small restaurant in Kerala.. keep flame low and then sprinkle pepper.. not to much as its for Vanshu… then i use to put cheese… cheese I use Amul’s processed cheese in can i find it most economical… u can also put shredded cheese if u have… then i spread cheese over the dosa like a pizza and infact roast the base like thin crust pizza only.. to get that crunch and it tastes also very yummy… and to Vanshu I serve like this only.. he is very crazy for cheese and he wants to see it.. thats the i serve it like a pizza and he loves to eat it like that and sometimes he even prefers sauce with it… and when i cook it for myself i put little more of dosa batter and spread egg and oil .. flip it..and when it is nice golden brown.. i turn it and add cheese to half side of dosa and then i sprinkle some pepper and when i make for myself i add chilli flakes also.. this was that recipe from that restaurant and then fold it and like a pizza u can cut it into slices.. eat it hot then only it tastes good.. this was today’s recipe and if you want to see such kind of more kid friendly videos so there links are given here and they are also in the description
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