Dreaming in the bathtub

By Grover Koelpin No comments

so nice you could join me this evening you’re looking lovely as always thanks Howard always nice to be prettier masturbatory fans come on Katy don’t make it sound so cheap I’m sorry fiddling with yourself in the bathtub is a real class act thank you shall we get started sure but can I ask you a question first you want to play Cylon and colonist no I want to know where you’re playing make-believe with me when you could be out with a real woman tonight you mean Bernadette no I mean princess Lera of course I mean Bernadette she’s a wonderful girl and she really likes you no she’s not you I’m not me the real me is in Beverly Hills going I was at 20 handsome rich guy really tall six for out the point is you’ve got a wonderful girl in your life and you’re ignoring her in order to spend your nights in the bathtub with a mental image and a washcloth

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