Dr Teal’s Ultra Moisturizing Mineral Soak: Skincare Saturday

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hey everybody welcome back to my channel
so this week skincare Saturday is on the dr. tails ultra moisturizing of mineral
soak and guys this one does have avocado oil in it so if you’d like to see a full
review of this prices stuff like that please keep on watching also make sure
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page I upload a video every single day of the week and I don’t want you guys to
miss any so guys I did pick this up at my local Kroger’s for a dollar
ninety-nine hey guys this is a three pound bag this does
usually retail it like Walmart Kroger stuff like that for less than six
dollars so even if you are buying it full for a full price
you’re still not gonna be spending a lot of money on it guys you don’t need very
much you need less than half a cup okay I really really like this stuff a lot
okay it has a very light fragrance in it it’s not overly strong it smells very
like almost like cheap ember melon if you’re a 90s baby and you remember the
Bath & Body Works cucumber melon this is what it smells like it’s just a little
bit lighter fragrance it does have a little like almost like a ziploc still
on it so that way it will stay nice and dry and guys I do have to say though if
you have really really dry skin this stuff will moisturize it like crazy it
does leave a greasy film in your tub so be very very careful when you’re getting
out of the tub make sure that you also like scrub your
tub so that way other people getting into showering or taking a bath they’re
not gonna slip involved against guys this stuff will moisturize your skin
like no other definitely wouldn’t recommend washing your hair or anything
like that this is just a moisturizing bath soap okay because it does have a
ton of avocado oil in it so it really does penetrate the skin when you get out
I don’t even use body lotion after this guy’s it will just totally leave your
skin silky soft almost with a good kind of greasy feeling to it you can also use
this as a let soak in a I mean I don’t know about you guys but you know end of
summer my feet are like dry and Shawn calls them dragon feet because
I’ve been wearing flip-flops and sandals all summer so my feet are very very dry
at the end of the summer and guys you know a little bit of this I can throw
the pack up in a nice little foot so guys this will make your feet super
silky soft help start break down some of those calluses but guys this does have
epsom salts in it so you know obviously if you’re diabetic pregnant whatever you
want to not spend a long time in the tub with epsom salts but it does help to
soothe sore tired muscles and with the avocado oil in it guys it um it
definitely helps to nourish very dry parched skin I think if you have really
really dry skin definitely try this out I think you would like it a lot and also
just hit yourself when you get out with a really good deep body butter or body
moisturizer and I think you’ll be set but guys this stuff I’ve never actually
tried a like a bath additive you know like a bubble bath or like cream bath
whatever or even bath salts where it really does leave your skin feeling
really moisturized and nourished but guys the doctor tells ultra moisturizing
minerals so guys this thing does it is amazing so if you do have dry skin we’re
getting to that time of year guys where you know I’m just my skin’s starting to
get a little dry it was you know it’s like in the mid mid 70s today
so it’s dropped quite a bit but in the mornings we’re getting in the mid 30s so
guys it is pulling downward get starting to hit that fall time and if your skin
gets really really dry during the fall which are guys I would definitely
recommend picking this up huge bag you know let’s see 6 bucks and a really
really really great bath soap I will use this once or twice a week it’s lasted me
a long time and still got quite a bit left and guys I absolutely love this if
you are sensitive to fragrance you might not like this but guys it really is not
overpowering at all we think it out of this bathtub you can’t smell it on your
skin you can smell them a little bit when you’re in the tub but it doesn’t
it’s not overpowering but if you do have like the cluster headaches or if you’re
very sensitive to grunts you might want to stay away from
this if you are not sensitive to fragrance I think you would really
really like this so for your dry skin friends out there for your kids for
anybody that has really really dry skin I definitely recommend the doctor tills
ultra moisturizing mineral soap with the avocado oil it is amazing I absolutely
love this stuff I cannot recommend it enough and I absolutely love this stuff
and I’m gonna be repurchasing another bag when I am through with this it’s
just great once in a while just throw some in the tub and it just leaves your
skin feeling so silky so smooth so soft just moisturized it it makes your skin
feel so much better it’s not just a you know oh it’s gonna help for a little bit
guys it lasts all day so I really really love this stuff so I wanted to share it
with you guys plus I got it out for a killer deal dollar ninety-nine heck yes
but I love this stuff definitely recommend going and looking for this and
picking some up you can find it find dr. teals Walmart Kroger’s Kmart a lot of
different places you can find this I’m assuming Target we don’t have a target
where I live really really bummed about it but it’s a really really great
product so so I hope you enjoyed this week’s skincare Saturday if you did
please go ahead and give this video a thumbs up also make sure that you share
this video because I know there are people out there that suffer with
severely severely dehydrated dry skin and this stuff I think would help them a
lot it’s great hey guys also make sure you guys leave a
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great one guys bye


Shaun Kerr

Sep 9, 2018, 2:30 pm Reply

great review

Seventies Girl

Sep 9, 2018, 6:12 pm Reply

Thanks for the review. I get dry skin in the winter so going to give this a shot and soak my feet. Good call warning people about the possibility of slipping in the tub.

HeY iTsGiGgLeS

Sep 9, 2018, 2:13 am Reply

I definitely get the dragon feet too by the end of summer. I pretty much only wear sandals all summer

Shani Poyner

Oct 10, 2018, 11:05 pm Reply

Cucumber Mellon. Who could forget 🤣. I don’t have a tub but I’ll soak my feet with a bucket using this. My feet are cracking😩

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