Do it like a dad: How to wrap your baby

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Boo. Babies – they’re miniature humans
that appear on the scene and bring us so much joy. But looking after a little one
needs to be a team effort, so get out there
and give your better half the support she needs at the crease. Now, if you think wrapping begins at ‘stop, collaborate and listen’, you’re only halfway there, so here’s how to wrap a baby and do it like a dad. There are many incorrect ways
to wrap a baby such as the Gandhi… ..the Obi-Wan… ..the Lady Gaga. But I always say, if you can wrap
a burrito, you can wrap a baby. Where do I come up with stuff? The easiest, safest option is to place the baby in
the middle of the wrap. Tuck one arm
under the fold and wrap the wing across
the front of the baby and give it a good tuck. Repeat on the opposite side. Fold any extra length
over the legs – not too tight – got to make sure they can
play for Australia one day. And always lay your baby
down to sleep on their back. And there you have it –
one adorable little burrito baby, safe and snug in the crib. And that’s a wrap. For more awesome support tips, head to

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