DIY bath bombs

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whats up guys its mikki and maddy and today were going to be making DIY raspberry shortcake bath bombs the ingredients you will need for this DIY is 1/2 cup baking soda 1/4 cup citric acid 1/4 cup corn starch 1/4 cup epsom salts these are optional but apparently they are really good for your muscles 3 tablespoons of coconut oil ours is hard at the moment but we’ll heat that up later a tablespoon of essential oil as well as some food colouring and a tablespoon of water we have put ours in a spray bottle because its easier to apply to the mixture because you dont want the mixture to get too wet we are also adding in some optional rose petals to make the bath bomb a little bit more luxurious as well as some cocoa butter which is really softening for the skin so lets get into the video in a bowl, add half a cup of baking soda baking soda helps to improve your skin complexion and also relieve sunburn and a quarter of a cup of epsom salts which are really good to treat sore muscles a quarter of a cup of corn starch also known as corn flour also add in a quarter of a cup of citric acid we are also going to add in some optional cocoa butter cocoa butter is really good to soften skin it also gives off an aroma of chocolate and now give it a stir now using a spray bottle and a funnel pour in three tablespoons of coconut oil and now also add in your essential oils and food colouring along with a tablespoon of water and give it a shake slowly spray in your wet ingredients make sure not to put in all your wet ingredients at one otherwise the citric acid will react with the wet ingredients and start to bubble and fizz to early make sure you’re stirring everytime you add in another spray your mixture should be the consistency of wet sand when you squeeze it in your hand it should stay together and not fall apart thats when you know its ready now its time to take some moulds we are using love heart shaped but you can use any shape you want you could even use a muffin tin if you really wanted too now scoop your mixture into your moulds make sure you press your mixture in firmly otherwise when you take the bath bomb out it will crumble and fall apart we added some rose petals at the top and in the middle of some of our bath bombs to give it a little bit of extra padazzle Using the back of a spoon gently tap your bath bomb out thanks for watching this weeks video we hope you enjoyed it if you liked it click that like button down below and click the subscribe button it should be on the screen tell us in the comments if you tried these and how they worked out for you see you next week bye this is the surprisinator and this is the padazzaler and the pazazzaler has like rose buds and the surprisininator has a little surprise inside MANO

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MANO!!!!! ♡

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