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(xylophone music) (upbeat music) (engine starting) (intense music) – We’re digging deep today. (fluid splashing) Oh my stars. Sludge. Pee-ew, get a whiff of that. I gotta skeddadle to Carl’s Carwash. (calm music) – Oh, I’m really digging this music. Huh? (intense music) – Carl, I was fixing to finish the big dig by the end of the day and then boom! Can you give me the old scrub a dub? – Oh, you need it. Hey, did this happen at
the construction site? – Sure thing? – How’s it going? What are you building? – Sorry Carl, these lips are sealed. It’s a surprise. – Alright, alright, I get it. Now let’s get started. What kind of vehicle are you driving? Is the vehicle a crane? A steamroller? Or a digger? That’s it, it’s a digger. Now, let’s see how messy it is. Is it a little messy? Medium messy? Or super duper messy? I’d say it’s super duper messy. Let me see what kind of mess this is? There’s no doubt about it, it’s gross. Is it yellow mustard? Stinky sludge? Or cranberry juice? That’s it, it’s stinky sludge. And one more thing. What size is this vehicle? Is it normal sized or is it big? It’s big alright. (machine rumbling) – That never gets old. – That will be 20 tokens, Darma. – Super, I’ll drop them in by fives. Five, 10, 15, 20. (engine rumbling) I’m going in! (upbeat music) (door hissing) (water spraying) (engines whirring) (bubbles popping) (engine whining) (air whooshing) (upbeat music) My, my, my, my, my. (intense music) You made me happier
than a pig eatin’ slop. Now, I gotta get back
to the construction site and plug that sludge geyser
and tidy up the place. – Good luck. – Hey, I have an idea, do you clean up construction sites? – Dirty, stinky ones? Uh, no thanks. – Not even construction
sites you’re itching to see? – Uh, sorry, vehicles only. – D’aw, shucks, well, see ya Carl! (intense music) (upbeat music)



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Carl:im really diggin this music
Me: omg the puns

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Carl he almost broke your car wash

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What Bout Rocky’s Race Car

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What is a sluge geyser

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carl i love excavators

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lol lol lol lol

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carl i realy love excavators and like excavators

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Carl's Car Wash Rocks!!!!!

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Clean up clean up every body clean up!

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Super Simple TV – Kids Shows & Cartoons

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Hi super cute 🙂

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nice!!!!i like this rhymes

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