D.I.Y. Outdoor Shower – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

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Look at this great area. This summer, we can turn this little space
into something special. We can create our own outdoor shower. I’ve got all my tools here. Because it’s all click and fit, we don’t need
a plumber, we gonna run it with a garden hose. All the materials we’ll be using today are
available at Bunnings, so let’s get started. First thing I’m going to do is seal all my
fittings with waterproof tape. This is done to prevent any water leaks. Next, we drill a hole through our feature
wall. I want to conceal my holes behind my wall. We’re going to mark our copper pipe to the
length that we require. I have this nifty part cutter, it’s much easier
than a hacksaw. Simply, you just place it around the pipe
to where you’ve marked and tighten it to finger pressure. Now that we’ve got our copper pipe cut, it’s
simply just putting the fittings together using the click and fit system. I’m going to go behind my feature wall and
attach the hose to this and pop this part through the hole that I drilled earlier, so
we can start building from there. You have to decide where you want to place
your shower tap. I’m going to put my shower tap here. That way, I can take my measurements for my
copper pipe. I need to fix this tap into place so I’ll
be using a couple of brackets. Now, using your click and fit system, click
all your copper pipes into place. The last thing I have to do now is just to
attach my shower hose. There you have it. An easy outdoor shower for you to enjoy for
years to come. From this to this.

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