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Let’s work! Let’s get this job done.
What’s next bro?. . . What’s next?. . . What’s next? Yes, is this recording? Hello my friends,
in this video we’re gonna show you how to make a shower base out of concrete floor like this. It’s going to be about 2 inches lower than the floor. If you do it this way you don’t need a regular shower base. In
this case we’re just gonna do it straight with the concrete. It works very
good, and the process was just to break the concrete. We just used a saw to cut
out a straight line and broke it with a jackhammer. And then we have the drain and we’re just gonna put some sand to level it up. If you guys can
see we put some sand compacted right there. We just picked up a sand from a landscape supplier— half yard of sand is plenty to do this
job. And so we had the sand compacted and then we put the vapor barrier to make sure that the moisture would not come up to the concrete. Here we have some 6 mil poly. strong stuff. You can walk on it and not even scratch it.
Good stuff, and we have a wherever we have a hole or a cut in the vapor barrier we just put the duct tape. This tape is excellent for vapor barrier. It’s very
sticky and is water resistant so this would work very good. This is the same tape that we use for any type of vapor barrier. You can see around the drain here we had to cut the poly, then we just tape this all around to make
sure that moisture will not come up. The drain is roughly in the center. If you look at it right now it doesn’t look to be on the
center because the door’s gonna be this way, so once we install the sliding door
this is gonna sit on the center of the shower. Right now it looks to be a little
bit off because we just deduct a few inches for the door on this side. Okay, so
like you guys can see we have the poly, they’re just coming a little bit higher
than the concrete. This should prevent the moisture from coming out and then once
this is done we just cut the poly off, or leave it there doesn’t make much of a
difference because this can be covered anyway. This concrete for the shower would come up to there more or less in the end once we finish it. Now we just
gonna use some rebar just to reinforce the bottom of the shower, that
way it doesn’t crack and no problem with leaking. And I just had some rebar
from another project kicking around and it’s what I’m using here. Just brought them up and now we’re gonna take a chance and use it. Yeah we don’t really need the rebar but we’re just gonna use it to make sure
this is a strong and steady. And else you can use steel mesh for concrete.
For the base you could do use like sand or you can use a gravel, road base. . . Anything is good to compact. In this case we use sand because we just removed more from here than we had to. Now we just had to add sand. if we left all the stuff in here, we would not need to use any sand, just
compact what we have. Next step is we’re gonna tie the rebar.
Lift it up a little bit from the ground and put the concrete and we’ll be
good to go. Alright, let’s work man! I just tried to bend the rebar because I
need it out of level for the drain. I just bend it in shape the way I want it.
More or less I want to create a little bit of a slope toward the drain. Here’s the
drain so I want it to slope that way. This is why I’m just cutting them, that way the
slope would be automatic. I’m just gonna do another piece for the center. Just a little cut in there and then I I’m just gonna bend it and break it. Hello guys, I just let you know that the difference between the regular floor and the shower base is gonna be about two inches lower. Yes when we finish this concrete repair
and the shower base— inside the shower base will be the
height of the bottom of this board here. Whenever you have a drain
or a hole for the pipe or anything, we just make sure everything is covered that way
your concrete will not go inside of it. When the concrete goes inside the
pipe it will you get hard and will block the water passage. And then would be a big headache. In this case here I’m just using a Home Depot plastic bag Just a plastic, bag no much. Else you
could use some of the tape if you think the plastic is not strong enough. Use some extra tape in there, and job is done Pretty much you can use anything, just
make sure that your pipe are covered. To cut the Reba I guess use a sawzall and
a blade. I did the cut about half way and then I just step on it and broke it. It makes life easier and you can use a grinder as well. Many tools you can use to cut the rebar. Now I just used these guys to tied a rebar—a zip tie. Usually this is done with a tie wire. Hey guys, I’m here just about to
pour some concrete. I just wants to make sure this board is on the level. The
level there is a good enough I just need to find something support it there while I pour the concrete and it’s good to go Let’s rock n roll! Yeah right now we’re just gonna spread a little bit of cement in here. Just going to make sure we have it nice and spread around. Once this hardens a bit we come back and we do the finishing coat. It should take anywhere around six hours and we should be able to do next coat right on top and get it nice
and high straight consistency of the cement. It’s not very hard not too soft,
it’s just nice that you guys can see that it can be work on. But if it is a little
bit soft it’s possible work with too because the water doesn’t damage the cement. For this one in here, we’re just using a drill with a palette. And
we just mix it up in a bucket. It’s a small job so we don’t have a
concrete mixer. We have it but we don’t have it here right now. All we need is
this stuff in here. It’s less messy and and takes not much time. This is a another shower base that we’re doing in a different spot And in the end this is how it looks for the slab floor. Like you guys can see here, this water
here is just where the drain. Like you guys can see once we finish with it
the water all goes to the drain. Right now you can see the water is all running
to the drain so when we finish it’s where it’s gonna go. Tomorrow we’re gonna come back to put the finish coat, and then we’re gonna
set up the lines all straight to the drain from corner to corner Hello my friends we’re here to remove the little form for the shower base and see how it looks. And then do some repairs because sometimes you pour the concrete and there are some holes when you remove. It this is what we’re gonna do, it’s just been about 24 hours since we poured the concrete. So it is hard enough but not too hard
to scrape. Because if we have to scrape some part of it, it’s still a little bit soft
so this is the right time to do it. Today we’re just gonna fill in all those
holes that the concrete didn’t go into. This is the old concrete and existing concrete
so we’re just gonna fill all those parts in. This is a new one. We’re just
gonna make sure this is level and straight. We do that today and it’s gonna be good Looking good, we’re just gonna fill in
some parts. Like you guys can see here, we have the poly see they the concrete
underneath will not touch the wood. It’s very important to protect the wood
because the wood would get rotten with the moisture. But this case you see you have
a vapor barrier between the wood and the concrete. The shower base looks rough in
here but we still gonna do the finish coat on top. Set up the drain. I’m just
gonna set up a drain just a simple drain like this and do another finishing
coat on top. This is just to have a sub floor in here. This is looking great.
You guys can see we have the slope to the drain. Once we put the drain, we’re only gonna have about one inch on top of this concrete, and then we straighten up. But right now we just have
a kind of slope going toward the drain and once we do that is easier to work on
it instead of do it at once. Okay thank you very much for watching this video. We’re not done yet. . . No? No. Oh, okay.

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