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hello friends welcome back to your channel, Simply home In today’s video I’ll be showing how to keep your bathtub, bathroom fittings and bathroom walls clean and spotless without any effort
and that too in very less time. Other than the bathtub we can use this method to clean bathroom fittings, wash basin and even our kitchen
sink. so please don’t miss out this video. So before we get to the video, just a quick reminder if you guys have not done so already, subscribe to Simply Home for more organization and lifestyle videos and do not forget to click that bell icon to get notified whenever we upload a new video. So let’s get started!!! I’ll be using a DIY cleaner today. It has simple ingredients, baking soda and the
normal dish soap which we use in the kitchen. Take both these ingredients in equal quantity. Make sure to take concentrated dish soap . We may dilute the dish soap with water for using in kitchen. We don’t want that here. We need the concentrated solution. Mix them in equal quantity. The biggest benefit of using Baking soda and Dish soap is that, its non-toxic since baking soda is edible. Its not toxic in any way and hence don’t pose any hazard to us while cleaning or to our family when they use it afterwards. We should start our cleaning from the walls before getting on to the floor. If we start with the floor, the chances of us slipping is very high since we are using concentrated dish soap. so i am gonna start with the walls now. As you can see, there are lot of hard and stubborn deposits on the wall here. So I am going to coat the walls with our DIY product and let it sit there and do its job. In the meantime I’ll clean the bathroom fittings. usually, there is no need to coat the surface, unless the deposits are stubborn and not coming off easily. If the deposits are not very stubborn, no need for the pretreatment, we can directly go ahead with the cleaning, There are different kinds of deposits in our bathroom, if the water is hard, the soap suds we wash out during bathing, our dead skin cells, body no oils etc etc. These literally stick to the bathroom tiles, floor, floor and bathtub. getting these deposits out is a herculean task to be honest. Baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent and
so is dish soap. As you can see, the stubborn deposits that were present before is coming out with ease. I didn’t have to do any hard scrubbing as I had pre-treated the surface before. So everything has come out and the surface looks very clean. Same goes with this area of the bathtub as well. I want to mention something here, this is the apartment where we stayed previously and not our current apartment. Our current apartment doesn’t have a bathtub, we had made sure of it while searching itself because cleaning a bathtub is very difficult as you can see. So, I had shot this video in our old apartment so that I can show you guys at a later point of time. The draining area of the bathtub collects maximum deposits. So I had pre-treated this area with the cleaner in the beginning itself. One small tip here, use the sponge side of the scrub pad itself, if your scrub pad has a sponge side. Use that side itself to mix the ingredients and coat the surfaces. Right now I am scrubbing off everything. All the dirt and the deposits have come off easily as you can see. So all the deposits, stains, evrything has come off. the tub and the walls are looking spotless. So, I’ll do one thing, I’ll wash off everything and then show you guys. 1st I’ll show you the hand shower. As you can see, it has a mirror finish now. There are no hard water stains or dirt. Everything has come off and its sparkling like a diamond 😉 I had fallen in love with this method from the 1st use itself. Hence I wanted to upload this video. Only now did I get the opportunity. I’ll show you the final look after everything was washed out. So, this is the completed look. Isn’t it beautiful? Did you guys like it? As I was saying, we can use this method not only for our bathtub or bathroom fittings, it can be used for our kitchen fittings, kitchen sink etc etc. What more, use this on your gast stove top or metallic hob to get those stubborn cooking stains out easily. This is non-toxic, especially if you have kids at home and if you use this mixture, this method, we need not worry about any health issues as a result of harsh chemicals.
So, with this we come to the end of this video. I really hope you found this video useful, if you did, you know what to do, there a tiny button down below, do click that like button. Also, do share this video with your friends and family members as well. Those who has not subscribed yet, please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Also, click that bell icon to get notified of my future videos. And do check out my channels for other amazing and useful videos. So until next time, its bbye from us. Love you all…

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