Choosing & Maintaining Baby Toys : Toys for Babies 9 Months & Older: Part 2

By Grover Koelpin 1 comment

Hi! This is Stacey from Expert Village. In
this video clip, I will be talking about toys for ages 9 months and up. A great idea for
this age group is to use pots and pans at home already. You can use new or old ones,
it’s up to you, as well as a spoon. The pots and pans allow the child to be creative, to
build on listening skills, as well as practice with their eye and hand coordination. This
will allow you as the parent to interact with them in a free way and just bang on the pans.
You can do patterns, you can sing a song like the ABCs or twinkle twinkle little star and
just let the child have fun. Another great idea for this age group is to use blocks.
Blocks allow the child to work on their gross and fine motor skills as well enjoy knocking
them down. They also can learn the letters, the pictures, and the numbers on the blocks.
As a parent, you can point out the colors, the letters, numbers, and pictures as well
as count. For example, when you’re stacking them. 2, 3, 4, 5, then allow the child to
knock them over.

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Don't buy toys made in China.

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