Century Home Tiny Bathroom Transformation – S02E03 – Reality Renovision

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Back to suit you don’t have the water off This is why you need to replace the steel pipes in your house, I no one ever want to see this again Nothing like the satisfaction of being able to tear apart something you hate. I Think we’re gonna increase value in this kitchen. This is not acceptable and that isn’t money in the back That’s some old stuff this is extremely brutal loving it So in today’s reality renovation episode we are tackling a really small bathroom in the original three-story walk-up built back in 1915 So what we have is tiny space because of course back then Bathrooms are all about function. Just getting you in from outside. They were in a boat space. So what we have is a real small You know Conglomeration here. We have a toilet shower and it’s tiny little sink and it’s had a couple of little modifications over the years This is not the original bathroom This is the classic we’re gonna build in and build in and build in and modernize as we go along My guest looking at the date of this tile. This was last done in the 70s Maybe even early 80s for us Green was huge back then But you can tell that this tile is probably installed over top of the original mosaic The tiles surround on the tub. It looks like that’s a newer wall. Most likely it’s been replaced You can see that there’s some mold issues going on. So obviously it was just tile over drywall. No waterproofing system involved here The client just moved in a couple months ago And so they had to kind of Jimmy rake a few things together to make it all work function for them But we have all this unnecessary Architectural feature. We’ll call it bulkheads everywhere This is a huge box. That doesn’t need to be here. We went and check the mechanical going into the basement So we know we’ve just got some water and vent supply lines in there in the corner So we have the ability to make the space a little bit bigger We’re gonna do a couple of things to make some conversions and turn the way that things are working We’re gonna put in a really cool walk-in shower with no door system on it. That way. It’ll make the space work We don’t need that curtain never again It’ll just be a glass curved panel and I think at the end of the day We’re going to have to probably level the floor peel it all back save the brick and this is going to be gorgeous restoration into modern but classic style bathroom But it worked in the end of the day isn’t that’s a point 58 did matching spaceship place one on the ceiling and one above the vanity Very UFO Okay. So first of all the biggest secret when you’re doing a demolition in your bathroom is space you need more than you have so what you want to do is get rid of the toilet first off whether you’re just pitching it or you gonna save it like we Are getting rid of the toilet is always the first step Remember before you touch any plumbing always turn off the watt so because of the condition of the house that we’re in here This is a three-story walk-up. We don’t have individual water shaft controls. So we have them all at the source So instead of turning off the water the entire building. We’re just going to turn off the water here and Then we’re gonna flush and drain the tank Luckily for me today. I’ve got my son Matt and helping out which is awesome. What’s going on? Matt I’m gonna need you to grab the wrench for me so I can just connect the water supply This is where we find out if this valve is actually gonna work Looks like it’s actually gonna work hooray Now that our toilets ready we’re gonna get rid of the lid set that somewhere careful or save in the toilet When you’re gonna take this or that oh, we got this little system designed to bag is really thick three mill construction with plastic So you can actually hold onto the bag instead of trying to hold the bowl Really assist in making that job easy Lift straight up those the races Okay, can we just back it up and then set it down So we are breaking with traditional today, and I’m not putting in my Tim Hortons Cup This is just a cup from a local coffee shop You can see that fits that hole really. Well, no more sewer gas. Thank God Trying to keep it level because there’s a huge amount of water in this ball right out onto the deck, okay? Yeah over the cords exactly before you get too busy tearing everything out Take off all of these extra rods that are on the wall and if there’s anything else in the room that you want to keep or Recycle or send off the Habitat for Humanity Make sure you uninstall it before you get going with the hammers and all that sort of thing so this is typical 16 by 24 medicine cabinet and somebody has gone through the trouble of silicone in it to the wall and then inside basically there’s usually Four screws two on each side into the studs and all Most interior walls don’t have insulation in them people love shoving these in there for extra storage Wow very cool So here we have the original exterior wall lath and plaster Look at this down here You can see that’s where the all the freezing point was Without an insulation those walls. Don’t do very well in the back We have our cast stack and then next to that is a really small inch inch and a quarter I think it’s inch and a quarter steel pipe, which would have been probably the venting for something and That is the reason this box is here. It is to cover that up Which is amazing because it’s really quite large But I guess they just wanted to build it all the way out to where the tub line came, too So we’re gonna remove all of that and gain all that space back in our room So that’ll move the box back about five inches and it’ll give us all the footprint we need for our beautiful sweeping shower pan So we’re just going to remove Potential injuries out of our way here. There we go okay, this showerhead is Going to be saved along with a one it’s not going in the new shower, but leave a little surprise inside Where does let’s take that aside you can uninstall all this stuff mostly just a screwdriver Philips drill bit and a little wrench back this out Okay, we don’t have the water off oh Yeah, I think somebody’s done me a favor and silicone the hell out of this. Okay? This should be Okay, so while we’re waiting for my son to bring the drill in because what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna it’s gonna take this Bit here. I’m gonna drill the screw out of that handle The assembly comes apart really quite easily in most situations, but for some reason this one’s all threaded and stripped and it’s causing us pain So there this is wonderful. Whoever put this on didn’t put it on tight enough. So I was able to just turn it upside down We’re just gonna use the allen key here to just loosen that off a little bit more And it slides right off the pipe and this is a little bit unpredictable. What’s going to happen here? This is a very non-conventional way to do this But when you have an unconventional problem you use a non-conventional solution Now I can take this up Make that hole big enough. There we go Now this is a half inch standard thread half inch standard thread goes back to Pipes that are well over 100 years old. I think it was always a half inch standard thread They’ve never changed that you never have to modify from one standard to another so no matter how old your steel pipe plumbing is This sock will work. All right, so my system for doing a demolition in the bathroom is basically fixtures furniture Then the tile and the walls and then the floor So we’re gonna finish removing the vanity here we go just got it like that We have shutoff valves at the source here. That is lovely So we’re gonna shut off the water to this one and then we’ll be able to pull this apart That’s good news The first thing you want to do is disconnect the faucet and then you want to disconnect the sink from the drain system And then the rest of it you can just beat the hell out of it almost the time when people put these things on the over tighten them That gasket There you go. It’s all flattened out. There’s hardly anything left if you are from mica top for the drop in sink your best bet is to leave your Handle and your sink and your countertop assembly altogether and just remove the countertop from the base cabinet. Undo the plumbing neck here Okay Please these countertops are usually installed with a screw for something In this case though, it looks like gravity was its best friend And then we should be able to just Except for the brick lift it right out of there. There’s half the battle straight to the garbage my man Okay So they used cement they didn’t use a lot they didn’t have great coverage They didn’t wet the floor before they put the cement down which is why half of it stuck to the tile and half that stuck to the plywood So at least that floors gonna come up easy That’s nice They use drywall screws to put the plywood down That’s a no-no first. It’s not long enough. Secondly is the wrong kind of thread. So This floor is gonna be real easy to remove All right. So now it’s time to get rid of that separation wall Caroline You want to come over here and meet the living power out of it we’re gonna do is have you swing at it this way Whoo sounds great. It’s a workout Nothing like the satisfaction being able to tear apart something you hate We’re gonna come back in and do the surgery as far as removal the rest of these walls you can see down here There’s just nothing behind this Like it is absolutely just rot Okay And I’ll tell you this much I know 95% of the old homes that are out there if you have a bathtub when you have mold, that’s what your wall is It’s just dust. Okay, you need to rebuild them what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna just Be real careful here because we have all the water supply lines are going for all three stories going through this wall what we want to do is when I Cut this ball in half using my hammer Break through the tile and then open this up like a big panel and just remove it one panel at a time Now you can see this is fun the wallboard behind this tile was the water-resistant drywall Okay He’ll have a lot of good it did Hmm, that’s water-resistant. Drywall this garbage right here Let’s take a look at the backside real quick. It’s just where the water was getting him behind the tile So I just wanted to take a quick moment and talk about these old homes because this has obviously been renovated out the wazoo First of all, this bathroom space was not part of the original house There was no way this was done later on this wall board back here. These are drywall panels These are 16 inch by 4-foot the trademark on the board goes back to 1940. So at some point Soon after 1940 somebody added bathrooms for this entire three-story walk-up Unbelievable, and they originally used all the threaded pipe the steel pipe. Here’s an original waterline still sitting in the wall Somebody had cut out, but they were able to remove from the wall at the time Okay, so that’s what the inside of those threads of pipes looks like if you have them it’s nice to get rid of them and They’ve obviously renovated since the 1940s Modernize this a little bit putting the green drywall probably early 80s by the color and the fact that this green is that pale green Added copper line, which is nice. They’ve kept the same old vents Probably will work fine for a long time to come But you can just you love how everything’s just been cut and stitched back together and nailed back together. There’s boards everywhere My goodness nobody’s ever rebuilt this wall for running plumbing They just keep on adding on and adding on and adding on so yeah You might find yourself more problems when you open up a whole wall But it sure gives you a lot more opportunity as well Like here’s here’s the debris from years and years and years of renovating sitting in this wall Holy cow because the house is really old and we don’t want to have too many vibrations around this glass I’m gonna just double check Ten and a half to the glass and tile over here I Am 11 and a half inches to the existing plaster So that means that they have the existing laughing plaster plus green drywall and then the tile So when you smash that you’re smashing so a solid exterior wall that’s plaster and lath All right. So what I would like to see you do is instead of Trying to smash your way through that Break the tile up With a surface hits and then use the claw to get in behind the drywall swinging down Okay, and then we’ll hopefully be able to peel the drywall off the surface All right, let’s start to the left of the glass. Let’s see if we can get a good hold of it current Now use the claw on the left side yeah now take that part off Silverfish Moisture Wow, yeah, well you guys have much water damage Matt you got to wear their gotta wear the mask. I Can’t see with these things on it all fogged up like when you bring with a mask on Like I can’t see really good though, that’s safety first if you can’t see what you’re doing it’s safer than being able to see Yeah, you heard me if you can’t see what you’re doing that must be safer to wear the glasses with the diaper on your face the tile gonna come away from glass Gives me a little bit of an issue You got it, that’s all coming as one piece. Oh nice. Oh, that’s not gonna be drafted. Oh Maybe how much bigger this room would have been if they just peeled the old one. Oh Hey, we might be able to get that steel pipe out after all Hang on a second, but I got you. Hang on Matt. Yeah when I said, hang on a minute, hang on Thank you fix to the trade the others are trying to spin it Yeah, well and the loose women thought I’ve done that before or they going nowhere. There you go You realize that once it starts to go on there may not be anything holding it hold it it’s gonna swing right down yeah All right, so we’re just starting now to get a handle on you know What space it is that we’re dealing with and how we’re going to open this up? we’re gonna have to keep our back wall pretty much where it was and build back out or saving the glass block as part of Our finished bathroom, but this whole box here. We’re gonna remove we’re gonna go back to the existing wall Now this particular tub is installed directly on the hardwood that was originally in this area That means that they’ve also added plywood and tile so it’s not what sunken tub. So we have a complicated situation here where we either lift it up to pull it out or If we remove the box first, I’m lucky in this situation because I’m removing this wall I can slide it this way and then move it out. Remember when you’re pulling out a tub you’ve got the plumbing from the Tub spout that’s in your way the plumbing from the toilet area coming out of the wall that’s in your way So you got a lot of different situations you have to deal with so I think for us if we remove this box We’ll pull the tub this way then we’ll have lots of space to pull it out a little bit simpler And we aren’t going to have to fuss around too much These old steel tubs they have these little clips Lovely. Well, that’s really efficient. The one over here is suffering a little bit of water damage So it’s completely rusted away now, so that was a no value to the homeowner at all I don’t even know what this What’s this? Oh nice some old wall paneling used as a backboard That’s good for wet areas That looks like an original pedestal sink location Yeah Sure enough, that’s exactly what that was. I love this because in the old days they take the plaster and while it’s still wet They would draw these lines in it to make it look like tile So when the plaster was dry They could put a semi gloss paint on it and make it look like a tile application even though it’s just a plaster application Now that’s being creative I don’t think any of this is really even screwed in anything Nope all those screws missed the wall entirely everything’s so built out Whew I came up with one piece lovely, you know what’s really cool is You see all the original threaded steel in here Steel water lines right See what they do is they put a copper fitting on the copper pipe They soldered on and it has the same thread that you’ll still pinhead So you can take brand-new copper and just thread it in and convert What you saw the other side of that inside of that other steel pipe. Do you really want that in your drinking water? To brush my teeth. Oh that corroded crap. So what I’m gonna do is just unscrew the box because they use drywall screws Let’s have a look at this dome I see we can figure out how to make it work I figured that was a screw in nice Just sitting on a couple of mounting screws That’s it Oh Oh, do you even better Let’s pull some wire through Yeah, oh You know what if you take the average home before 1960, I’ll tell you the majority of the stuff that’s in that house Looks like this Jimmy rigged Oh creative barely holding together It’s no wonder we’ve had to change the way we do construction and actually bring in new building goes Wow, that’s scary I Grabbed my hammer all the roofing nails out of this thing and see if we can keep it somewhat intact something incredibly brittle And it’s actually more of a book Just a lot of paper There we go Funnies Wow Let’s get more on that There’s a brand new delivery truck fleet in the company there That’s some old stuff peaky blinders Here we go See if we can find ourselves a date. This is a Maclean’s magazine 1931 Mobil oil Is a romance novel inside the glands magazine Reading that a married man. All right So the fascinating thing here is how much mold is trapped inside this wall cavity? and I think it has to do with the fact that we have so many layers of ceiling and This really cheap fan in the side wall. It’s not removing the moisture out of this room time to get rid of this mess Wow, what do we got here anyway? There we go Wow that came out so easy. I’m glad I never used this as a place to wash my face So as you can see we have now established a space that we can move our tub into We have to just disengage the drain overflow Here’s my little tub tool and of course look at this a 1931 tub and it fits Unbelievable how standard plumbing is over all these years And of course back, then they didn’t use silicone. It would have just used plumber’s putty And it still isn’t leaking in its 2018 so for everyone out there who says plumbers putty is not good I’m sure that this one particular tubs performance has got more credibility than anyone who’s alive today. We have a different opinion We’re separated. We’re ready to go. Let’s yank this bad boy out. There’s nothing holding us down It’s just a steel tub weighs about 60 pounds You’re gonna lift your end up about a good solid inch and a half to 2 inches There’s a nail here and there it’s gonna keep you from going any higher than that Pull it about six inches that way so then I can pull this tub in front of the plumbing here Then we can just pick it up roll it and walk it There we go Step step Okay, roll it over that way it’ll make the corner yeah just go End of day one. It’s been a long dusty dirty one But that’s cool because I love this kind of stuff really happy that our mechanical situations Even though it’s been renovated multiple times are still intact and usable and we’re going to be able to just modify Everything that’s going on here into our new build. We’ve designed in advance the idea of putting the shower With a new curved pan. I can’t wait to show you guys. This is really cool. And there’s no door system on this So it’s just a curved glass panel. It comes as two pieces and you just stick them in and you’re it’s gonna be beautiful As you can see structurally, it looks creative but it’s pretty much par for the course for the day This kind of stuff was just here to keep pipes from moving around add a little more vertical strength Everything here is in great shape. We’ve got copper for our water supplies. Our drains and vents are in great condition Our main stack is in great condition I’m not even going to entertain the idea of replacing that at this point because it looks so Healthy and I know it’s a three-story home and that’s a massive investment to go through changing that over but what we are gonna do is we’re gonna peel everything back down to this barn board because I know from experience That once this is all peeled back to barn board I can do a little bit of shimming here and there and get a nice flat surface wall again and That’s gonna be really easy to accomplish We also have the ability to pull some of this barn board off and get some insulation in these walls And I think that’s going to be a really nice plus to have you know These walls are so thick that a lot of times the freezing points somewhere in the middle but with today’s Energy costs it is nice to have them insulated just so that we can trap all the heat that we’re bringing out of our radiant Floor. Anyway, it’s enough about today tomorrow We’ll finish ripping the rest of this out and then we’re going to tackle a little bit of the rebuild on the floor and some of the Mechanical issues and trying to get all that prepped up Hopefully by the end of the week, we’ll have something that looks sort of like a bathroom Yeah be able to get this back into her hands next week early. It’s gonna be a six days and done kind of project So stay with us All right, so we’re sort of mid day day two on our project here we’ve got our demolition to the point where we’ve really opened things up and it’s fun because this is the point where we get to Understand the original use for this room Because that was always my big question And what we’ve got we figured out that where this window is now this used to be the entrance to the rear of the house Off the hallway Very typical in that day that the front entrance and the rear entrance both had a second interior door to stop all the drafts So this would have been a coat room. So you’d come in the back door They’d have an area here like a little Closet probably a coat rack and a little bench and then you could go into this door and that would lead to the hallway in the kitchen area Because the originally the semi-detached that we’re in would have been a three-story single-family home now sometime in the early 30s it looks like or early 40s to me at the latest They’ve converted this over to a three-story walk-up apartment units and at that point they filled in this hole Move the door into the kitchen and turn this into a bathroom So that is why there’s so much original plumbing in this wall This all was originally the chase up to the second floor and then they came in here and did some add-ins and tie-ins What we want to do now is we want to modernize all of this. So we’re at a point Now we understand how this was built. We know how now to finish peeling everything back and then it’s time to define this space So we can make a plan to move forward What we’re looking at here right now is a very very typical Renovation. Alright, and I know that may seem a little bit extreme but We’re dealing with a house that was built in the very early 1900’s Renovated in the 1930s to add a bathroom into this space And so what you’ll see is way up here two feet above the framing is the original ceiling Okay and so what they do and you see this all the time in 6070 sats homes is they’ll come in they’ll run all the mechanical underneath the existing ceiling so I’m gonna come in and then reframe a new ceiling and if you have 10 feet originally they’ll drop it to eight if you Had nine They’ll drop it to seven or even shorter depending on the bathroom and They run all of their mechanical and then they close it up and that’s how they define a space When I’m renovating I always like to take a look back and say okay, so I found my frame Now a do I like it is it high enough? Is there anything I can do to make changes so that I can get more height because to me in a small bathroom? Having extra height and extra light makes the space look huge and that to me is a massive selling feature down the road So the only limitation that I have in this ceiling outside of the wiring which is easily removed Is this copper wire here? And I have a steel pipe here? Alright now when I follow this pipe back to me right away I’m saying, okay that’s a vent line for something as bringing air and I follow it down the wall and lo and behold this vent pipe is only Supplying air to just where the sink is now since we’re gonna be running all brand new plumbing from the basement to the sink I have the ability to just cut this off and seal up that cap and The best part about this is they still make the ABS fittings with the proper thread That I can just take remove this pipe and fill that hole up and walk away. No special tools or plumbers required We can’t really peel back any more than we wanted to on a really old house when you have this barn board Okay, that vertical board is actually part of the structure I do not ever recommend peeling that off just to get a little extra room in the house The balloon frame construction style. It’s not it doesn’t operate the same as point load so you don’t have a stud in the wall Where there’s weight on top of it, and it’s sitting on something else solid Every one of these vertical pieces here is transferring load horizontally to the rest of the wall And so it’s very important to remember don’t define your space by ripping out wood That is actually valuable to holding up your house. Okay, that would be a real bad problem So part of the fun part of this project is the fact that we’ve got this fan installed into the wall well It’s crazy because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt an electrician install this man All right. He didn’t just run the wire. He did the whole job And the reason I know that is cuz up in the wood here I see all these marks where he had his drill bit going through the ceiling Poking holes creating a room where he could fish the wire from the box over this big space Outside. He probably bashed out the brick to Cut all the hole installed it and and I know was an electrician because he didn’t want to make a big hole in the ceiling he probably didn’t have the skills to patch and repair or ceiling and do a paint job and by doing it this way he was able to just put a Small hole in there in the in the ceiling here and do a little quick putty job and walk away and say there you go Now you just got to toughen up the paint and that’s probably what happened here. Now. This is such a bad idea This is not designed to go in a wall It’s built to go in a ceiling and so this is actually falling apart so fast Because the housing is starting to make all kinds of noise So we’re gonna rip that out save the wire and we’re going to introduce a new exhaust in the new ceiling Much higher up in the brick and actually run an insulated duct line for that. Ah This is just so wrong. I don’t ever want to see this again There is a wall fan on the market that’s designed to be installed in a wall. But for God’s sake buy the right fan It’s only another eight dollars. So Here we are and this is gonna be sound a little confusing but in the original original bathroom this framing was part of the box that came up a huge box effect that was here and Originally when they decided to make this a bathroom they added steel water supply lines okay, here they are and They were cut off and left in here at some point But then there was another renovation and somebody got rid of the steel supply and went to copper now There’s a fitting you can just put on a half-inch copper and you can thread into that old old steel line, and that’s fine and so then that was the water supply for a little while and then someone else came along and said oh, I don’t like that. Let’s cut it off Let’s shove it in this wall and like it literally buried it in the wall and then brought new lines in from the bottom Don’t understand that it doesn’t make any sense to me at all except for they wanted to not be using the steel pipes anymore. So What they did is they brought this up through the floor Now we have this box defined with junk in the corner that has to be removed We’ve got new lines coming through the floor here that I’ve got to cut and remove I’m just gonna say this once when you’re renovating a space try to think a little bit more long-term Don’t be afraid to run things in near a wall Bringing them up through the middle of the floor just because it might seem convenient from the basement It doesn’t do any good for anybody else down the road. I Always try to cut out when you’re not gonna use something too more cut it out and get rid of it This whole box was totally unnecessary because if they just ran a new drain into the basement Which is right underneath this they wouldn’t have needed the whole steel line in the whole box either they could have basically just put the Piece across the corner to cover the cast and they would have had a ton more space in this room Which is what we’re gonna do and you’re gonna see how that changes the whole width bathroom works So we’re gonna just talk floor here real quick what I did is during the demolition I just stopped and vacuumed this up to give you an idea of how many layers are in this house Now we have an original 1 by 10. It’s on a 45 degree angle. This is the structural This is doing all the work. Okay, this is carrying all the way to the floor This one stretched across the floor joist is downstairs, and then they finished it off with a nice hardwood You know It’s a two and a quarter inch three-quarter inch thick tongue and groove real standard for the time These trees grew down the street they cut them down mil and put them in their house You expect to see this But what they did is when they decide to turn this into a bathroom, they wanted to have a surface they could tile on So what they did is they added three cores of plywood on top of 3/4 hardwood I’m not sure what the thinking is there But the secret to putting down a 3/4 inch plywood is using a long enough screw to attach the plywood To the subfloor, which is this one not the hardwood This hardwood was put in with pin nails. I call them pin nails. They’re like large iron triangles, okay There’s not a screw so this is not screwed to this So if you attach this to the hardwood and you don’t test this to the subfloor You still have movement and tile is gonna have bad performance with movements well These monkeys went ahead and they put this down with one Accord or inch fine thread drywall screws because that probably was all they had on them at the time and they were too lazy to go to the store and buy a box of screws unbelievable made my job easy picking it up, but Just stupid folks. If you’re gonna build something take the time to use, you know, dude do it right to a certain degree I mean there’s there’s a lot of different ways to do something right, but there’s really some ways do things dead wrong This is one of them We’re gonna peel all this crap back get back to our subfloor put on a thin layer of plywood Because we’re looking for the inch and a half of total thickness and wood All right We’re gonna add some tow by fours underneath for structured for load transfer just to stiffen up The old have us a little bit but we’re gonna put on a little bit of plywood throw in our electric heat Pour in some leveler and we’re gonna have not just a strong and a floor that’s not bouncing around But we’re gonna have it level again for the first time since this bathroom was built Finally, it’s gonna get done, right? so by far the best feature in this bathroom This fire wall behind me. This is the separation wall between this semi and the other one Love the old red clay brick. No, we’re not in an old Manhattan apartment This is just downtown hold the Ottawa and we’re gonna leave this exposed and clean it up a little bit It’s gonna be a great feature. We don’t want to make the rim smaller by putting a wall and drywall here we’re gonna keep this where it is and That’ll work out great. Now listen when you’re dealing with you’re defining your space you obviously have budget concerns, right? Demolition is free It’s just your time Obviously we’re building this channel for homeowners do-it-yourselfers, and that’s you So when you’re doing your demolition That’s you the more you take out the more opportunity you have but you have to be a little bit patient because If you took out the framework in the ceiling and then you later decided that you weren’t going to change the height of the ceiling Now you’ve got to go out and buy a brand new framework and install it again So take everything one step at a time. Go back to the existing shell figure out what it is that you Want to change what you should change and what you could change but maybe don’t want to have to pay to get done Find out are you gonna do the electrical yourself? Are you gonna do the plumbing yourself? You’re gonna change your mechanical yourself. And if so, do you have the ability and the tools and Then take a little bit of a cost-benefit analysis. Okay, take a deep breath you can get excited and emotional real quick about a project like this and Just say if I get another six inches in the ceiling. Is it work all worth all that extra work? Is it worth all the extra expense? Ripping things out is free, but putting them back isn’t fittings are expensive. Okay? All your new mechanical stuff. It can cost a fair amount of money So just by changing some plumbing around and doing a couple new electrical things Before you know it even doing it yourself. You could throw another $500 into a room that already has everything functioning So just think twice about it and enjoy your renovation I know a lot of people you might not think so, but your plumbing has an expiration date If you have a home that was built at the turn of the century up to the early 30s You’re gonna have steel plumbing in your house and we’re gonna show you a little demonstration During part of the demolition of this bathroom in this video that would show you exactly what you’re gonna see in that line And it’s gonna shock you now in this particular project. We’re on here We’re raising the ceiling and we’re making modifications to the locations of other plumbing So we’ve opened it right up so that we can rip all of the old plumbing out and put in new stuff And so we’re not gonna take too much time We’re gonna go to the footage that we shot of us cutting these pipes in half and you can decide for yourself if you’re comfortable Staying with the water lines that you have in your home. Just a quick note when you’re working in this kind of environment We’re going to be cutting something that’s got a lot of weight attached to it So in order to keep the blade from binding you just want to cut in a little angle away from yourself so that all the way to that pipe is Connected to the last point of contact And just when you’re about ready to cut through you may be able to grab that pipe and just twist it off I’ll show you what I mean Otherwise if it’ll binds on the blade again throw, yeah That’s not a pleasant experience Not quite enough room in here to maneuver this button here we go, okay Dad, it’s called working smart control the environment And something like that’s not going to land on your head one day Let’s get rid of this one, too As low as we can it’ll make it easier to pull it up from downstairs Now this is interesting Because this is how you can confirm Whether or not it was wet or dry You know that’s on the air. Look how clean that pipe is. Are you ready for this? Now check out the drain. It’s almost plugged completely solid There’s just a little bit of a hole left for the water to go down This is why you want to rip this stuff out when it starts to corrode inside the pipe it grabs all the debris and hair That goes down the drain and before you know it this just plugs solid This is why you need to replace the steel pipes in your house Okay, so during our exploration here. We’ve come across some Steel plumbing that’s still being used in this home both in the drain the vent and in the water supply system So what we’re gonna do now is we’re just gonna cut the water supply line open real quick have it take a look at the integrity of this because There are a couple locations in the ceiling and one in the wall here that I might want to take a look at replacing out Now traditionally water supply lines. They last a really really long time but if you’re gonna do a bathroom Renovation and you expect to last for 40 years and you tack that onto the edge of the existing plumbing You’d hate to run into a problem with the plumbing before the bathroom runs its life cycle Because you may not be able to fix that without destroying your new work So let’s have a quick look here together and we’ll see what the steel piping looks like now inside the line Now right away this hasn’t been in use for a while so let’s use a grain of salt when we digest this but You can see all that crap You have a really small it looks like a fridge supply line at this point Now if you have that sort of supply line in your shower, and you’re wondering why you have no water pressure That would be why okay, so there you go folks lesson to be learned The old steel lines they have a life expectancy They will not last forever So if you’re renovating any run into them, I would suggest do everything you can to update those lines. All right What a mess Remember whether its water supply or drain lines, you might be surprised what’s going on with your pipes. That’s the vent line It looks nice and clean and you cut something like that You think my plumbing is in great shape and then you cut the drain side and you go. Oh my god Take a look. And if you have this old junk, please get rid of it besides your house We’ll love you it weighs a lot. You can get that off the old floor joists There we go Okay surprise, they didn’t do that the first time for whatever reason at some point these guys put in ABS system They chained off the old cast-iron pipe and put in this and then they connected this to the existing steel Probably with this joint because they didn’t want to open up the walls with is the last renovation But now that we’ve gotten rid of the steel. I’m just gonna take my handy. Dandy little pipe cutting tool here And there the back side as well And we’ll get rid of the rest of this ya Know that’s all garbage. I remember whenever you cut and explode your pipes Take the two seconds. It takes to put on a test cap and tell you I’m gonna go do your plumbing That’ll keep the sewer gases from coming in the room We have a absolute network of copper lines down here Like I said, this is a three-story walk-up three different units each. One of them has their own hot-water tank and water supply lines These are hot and cold for what we’re doing So since we’re redefining how our space works what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna cut these lines here today And I’m gonna install these sharkbite Ball valve handles here and then just slides onto the pipe on each side and then I can convert the pecs This way when I get the final resting place for my vanity Which has got drawers and some other accessories in it, and my plumbing has to be pretty precise I can get all that sorted out Get the location approved by the client and then I can run my plumbing up through the floor from here at a later date Just using PEX tubing. It’ll only take me about five minutes I have the ability now for my client to come down the stairs run through this door and just go and Turn these two valves right off right here with no obstruction you don’t have to reach around or move things out of the way in the case of emergency and That kind of peace of mind is worth its weight in gold It also gives me a couple of feet extra here in case they ever want to add any water lines in the future Down here. There’s no laundry sink. So that’s the thought and that way if they ever wanted to add something in the future It’s in a convenient location and it’s just a quick Peck scrimp so we can add lines to runoff Always try to think what ifs? Because I can cut the copper over here. That’s awkward for me now I can do it here and that makes it convenient and it gives me flexibility down the road You know something to consider for every homeowner Actually is to take a look at your main copper lines and put these ball valves on because they don’t have any washers They’ll always be working for you and then in case of emergency if you have your water supply tucked in in your storage room buried behind a bunch of stuff You can’t get to it fast enough to stop a major problem But having an access door or something like this at the bottom of your stairs in your basement Where you can just throw the lid and take two handles and do a quarter turn it shuts the water off to the whole house an emergency that Is worth the investment of $20 a ball valve and a few minutes of doing it yourself plumbing. Just turn and tighten All Right now now the best thing about sharkbite is you can install wet you don’t have to wait till this is done draining and dry You don’t have to go to the cover and get a loaf of bread. You don’t have to do any silliness like that You don’t have to leave the plumbing off for two hours and come back until it’s all done draining He does roll it on there push and turn All right There we go. Now we’re in place This is just a quick five minute job That gives me a ton of flexibility This way I only have to do plumbing once and Every time I need to do make any adjustments where the rest of this project I can just come down here Turn off the water supply Now if you want to check if it’s installed properly trying to pull it off, yeah we can’t pull off Its installed properly No Even after all the plumbing is finished. I can change the position of these handles Okay, so I’m probably are gonna want to have them flat like this closer to the ceiling where I can give them a turn nice and easy, so If I come down in a minute mercy, I can just turn these like this. I’m done Beautiful twenty bucks a piece about ten minutes over the work Piece of mind all right. Well, that’s pretty much it for all of our demolition Defining our space fixing up our mechanical Modernizing so that we have the capability to put in brand new fixtures and get years and years of enjoyment I guess the next time we see you, we’re gonna be done and we’ll get to reveal this project to you Really really proud of the job we did in this house Of course, you know I have a leaning towards century homes. And this one’s definitely over a hundred years old You can see by the fire brick here. This is a separation wall We have a number of challenges in this room that are very unique to this particular Now this dimension itself of this bathroom is a typical five by seven And so traditionally if you have the doorway into a five by seven space on a short wall You have all the space you need for a tub shower toilet vanity But in this particular unique configuration because the doors coming off of a long wall. We are very limited in our space We have a stack that’s applying three stories of bathrooms hidden in this box We’ve got a window that wasn’t going anywhere due to budget constraints and it is right in the middle of this wall So there’s nowhere to begin and and any shower coming from either of these other corners What we’ve got is we’ve got the wedge from Maryland and this is a problem-solving solution 66 inches long it comes with a piece of glass that’s made contoured for this particular pan Allows you to have access And separation all in one little container and it has made it possible for us to get all three of these features in here So we have a much larger sink than we had originally. We have a nice clean space. That’s very modern We raise the ceiling to give you that illusion of space and added lots of lighting Of course, the the shower system is a little bit on the simple side. It’s a to function So we’ve got a three jet here so you’ve got massage feature as well as the overhead rain shower and because the Rebuild pro system is a lot has a mixed function on it. You can pick either or or you can mix them together So you can sit here getting the rain shower and a good back massage. It’s an awesome experience and of course with the built-in mirror here that has the the Wi-Fi signal you can have your sound system playing at the same time awesome experience Hell me of course, but couldn’t finish something like this sexy op. I’ll put in an in-floor heating system now This system is set up. So it’s not just a floor warming, but it is a room heater So we thermostats set for the kind of heat We want here in the wintertime and we can adjust it to the floor temperature for year-round comfort all in all Amazing look right exposed brick great design elements it actually functions You’re not claustrophobic and it’s in a tiny tiny space really really pleased I love it. When a client comes to me with a problem and says go fix it and tell me when you’re done That’s a dream client for me anyway If you have questions about any of these products look in the description below Or make us some available for you with great discounts. We have a Shopify page Don’t forget to check us out on Instagram, but most importantly like the video if you do This is our second season of reality Renault vision We’re really excited to bring you more videos like this And we also want to have you subscribe to the channel if you’re checking us out for the first time Ok, so that’s just about it from us. Check out our how-to library We’ve got all the information you need in there so that you can turn your house into your palace. Go ahead and build Well, that’s what this is all about. Go make yourself a lot of money make your house gorgeous and have fun doing it


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Buzz James

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Buzz James

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And the inspector when I sold my first house noted my use of a shark bite on a hot water line. I had to solder in some copper line because the buyer was a pain in my ass.

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Omg! I love this. I don't think I would be able to do something like this. That shower is perfect. I have a tiny bathroom that needs a renovation.


Sep 9, 2019, 6:16 pm Reply

That wire under the mirror (50:51) sucks! 51:58 A socket and a power brick next to a sink — that's a brilliant idea. Must remember it for when i want to kill myself. Apart from that, great job!

Row Deo

Sep 9, 2019, 12:16 am Reply

Love it what about the cord from the mirror? What is it for? Is it for heating the mirror and will you hide it?
I just sit back in wonder at the acquired knowledge you have and passing on to your kids. That is better than any higher learning degree in my book. I have five sons three daughters. One is master electrician, was a school teacher and masters in library science but what made him happy was the grueling five year study program in Ky learning to be an electrician and then he was asked to teach as well. There are only five in the state. He loves it.

Fatma Sharrif

Sep 9, 2019, 12:58 pm Reply

Excellent work!

Bacchanal Bia

Sep 9, 2019, 4:26 pm Reply

Im addicted to watching these videos.

Heiliger Grimm

Sep 9, 2019, 8:06 pm Reply

Man… I've got the same problem. TINY BATHROOM. Thanks for the inspiration.


Sep 9, 2019, 1:24 pm Reply

No Tim Horton's cup? clicked off video….just kidding 🙂


Sep 9, 2019, 4:02 pm Reply

OMG the close captioning at 18:30 is ridiculous! Thank goodness I can hear what you actually said. I love seeing you two working together. We do mom/daughter projects. The next one will be her underground bathroom in the home she just purchased in Cheyenne WY. It is a tiny bathroom!!! Your videos were indispensable for the two bathroom remodels we did at my son's place. We should have made a video, not pro like you, but humorous, people would have cracked up. 😉

Robert Hyde

Sep 9, 2019, 1:01 pm Reply

Amazing . And love the brick wall.

marc G

Sep 9, 2019, 12:36 pm Reply

Sir, love your channel. You rival that other show that's been on for 40 years. Keep up the great work.

Pamela Diaz

Oct 10, 2019, 12:48 am Reply

Do you do Toronto Reno ??

C Coates

Oct 10, 2019, 12:38 am Reply

not sure on the brick wall, I might have painted it.

David Mc

Oct 10, 2019, 2:24 am Reply

Do you ever worry about/ have you ever encountered asbestos?

M. Guillermo

Oct 10, 2019, 2:40 pm Reply

The first video in which you let me done. Many people have a home with a tiny bath in need of a remodel. With the problems you encountered being too familiar for the time period, it would have been an asset to see how you tackled them for us DIYers out here. Watching almost 50 minutes of demolition just to skip to the finished product is less than what I was expecting especially compared to the other videos you've produced.

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