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Hi moms.. meet again, we would like to share about how to bathing newborn baby baby & toddler channel sharing play & learn together tips & trick about moms, baby & toddler its must be confuse, becme a “new” parents hesitate, & doubt.. how to bath new born baby furthermore, for you that having first baby the baby still look so small & red color in this video was, when Batrisya was 2 days old, still bath in a hospital by nurse there were stuff must be prepared to bathing newborn baby lets see as nurse advice that bath Batrisya, that time first, warm water the water temperature must be accorded to baby’s body temperature seconds, soft washlap Third, material soap for baby baby soap & shampoo you can also using 2 in 1 newborn baby soap it can be soap & sampoo include fourth baby bucket or in baby wastafel all the stuff must be specific for baby usage fifth, a soft towel. for drying babys body Lets see, how to bath first of all, cosentration is a must do not make a shudden movement so baby feel comfort & relax second, steady/stable hold dont be hesitate/doubt hold the baby thirth wipe baby body slowly & softly, dont push.. coz the baby body still very sensitive fourth extra carefully when move / opposite baby body lets see the nure how to do it, when she want to wipe the back okay.. do it slowly & carefully if this is your first time you can re watch this video repeatedly, if you stiff feel confuse see you in the next video dont forget to subscribe this channel he/she become baby only ONCE, times fly & we can not repeat


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