Can you guess 9 songs played on this tiny synthesizer?

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– [Announcer] If you wanna learn how to make music with a synthesizer, all you gotta do is
study basic electronics, take music theory, follow that up with
intermediate electronics, patch this thing to that thing ’cause now you know what
that means, and plug ‘er in. Or.
(Stylophone beeping) You could whip out the Stylophone, a retro synthesizer with
a stylus, and play around. Touch the metal surface to make music, switch on the vibrato to give your sound wave a warble, use the dial to change the note’s pitch, and take it up a notch with
the three-octave switch. Used by the likes of David Bowie, it’s a bit silly, yet somehow
definitely rock and roll. (Stylophone beeping) Okay, now let’s see if Ben can single out the names of these Stylophone tunes. – We’re back with another Name That Tune. – This time, I’m gonna
try to guess the songs that Danny is playing on the Stylophone which looks like it is both
from the future and the past. – And it’s off.
(Ben laughs) (Stylophone beeping) – There it is. – Are you ready? – [Danny] Let’s do it, song number one. (Stylophone beeping) Ooh, I know this one. ♪ and candle lights ♪ Is it, Living La Vida Loca? By my guy Ricky Martin? I don’t know why I said
that, he’s not my guy. (laughs) This is such a
weird version of that song. – It’s got no dance to it. – Yeah it’s got no life to it! – Alright, let’s move on to another genre, what do you say? – Okay let’s do it. (Stylophone beeping) Oh. I’ve heard this song. Oh what is it called though? I know this song. Is it Baby Shark? ♪ Baby shark doo do do do ♪ – How many views are we getting
by mentioning this song? – I don’t know but it’s
hot, it’s a hot song. Like, it’s actually on the real charts. This one is also popular now, but it’s a little harder
for me to play so, we’ll see how it goes. (Stylophone beeping) – It sounds like my calculator
is trying to talk to me. – Ah, it could be my poor playing. – I might not know the song. Is it Thank You, Next? – Ooh, its close, but not at all actually. (Ben laughing) It is Post Malone, Better Now. – Okay, okay, yeah I don’t know that song. ♪ You only think that
you are better now. ♪ – I bet you’re playing it fantastically. – Not great, not great. Alright I need to get ready here. – I’m excited now, with all this build up! (Stylophone beeping) Yes, I am here for this. I am here for this rendition. Ooh this one works well! – I got to work out the
vibrato on that one! – Yeah that was good! That is The Final Countdown. That worked well on the Stylophone. – I feel like that was one
of the better ones, yeah. (Stylophone beeping) – It sounds familiar. – This artist recently
made a decent performance, somewhere, that a lot of people saw. – Okay, it sounds like you’re
talking about Maroon 5. – Yep. – But I don’t recognize this song. ♪ – Girls like you (hums) ♪ – Oh, I’ve kinda heard
this song, okay, okay. – Girls Like You by Maroon 5. (Stylophone beeping) – Oh! Oh I know this. It sounds like a TV show theme. That sounds wrong as soon as I say it. I know this one! Oh, oh it’s on the tip of my tongue. Yeah! – Yeah! – Yeah I got it. – Okay! That was Yeah! By Usher. Moving on. – Alright, next one. Hit me with another. (Stylophone beeping) Ooh, it’s tickling my ears. Is this the, “I’m on
hold, with AT&T” music? – The clue is Jon Travolta. He has nothing to do with this song, but he’s the hit for the artist. – Oh, its Play With my Heart
Baby like Jon Travolta. – It is Physical by Olivia Newton-John. – Ohh, ahh I didn’t know that one. But it did sound very familiar. – Yeah it’s a popular song. – It did sounds like the kinda song you’d hear at a supermarket. – You ready for this one? – Yeah, is it a hot track? – It actually is. – Okay! (Stylophone beeping) (Stylophone squeals) Oh! (Stylophone squeals) What is going on? – That’s all I got, cause I didn’t learn the rest of the song, so you’re gonna have to
get it out of that one. (Stylophone beeping) – Wait a minute, are you playing Carlos Santana, featuring Rob Thomas, Smooth? – I am. – Yeah! – That’s why I was getting the (squeals) – See that’s what gave it away. – Here comes your last one. I think you’ll get this one. – Let’s go out on a bang. (Stylophone beeping) Ah, it sounds familiar again. ♪ She’s just a friend ♪ – There you go! ♪ – Cause you say she’s just
a friend, oh baby you, ♪ ♪ Got what I need, ♪ ♪ You say he’s just a friend ♪ ♪ Oh baby ♪ – Anyway so what do you
think of the Stylophone? – Uh, it was cool, it
sounds very computer-y but in like a fun way. – Yeah it’s got some cool things to it, you can tune it, which is nice, so you can kinda get it
right in the right key so you can actually play it
with (electronic buzzing) – Oh there you go. I was impressed that you were able to do that many songs with it, cause it doesn’t seem like
there’s a lot going on there. – Yeah, its a small keyboard
so there’s not a lot of range so that did limit a little
bit what I could play, because a lot of classic
melodies you know, have a really big range so you
gotta work with what you got but you can play legit stuff. You got different octave switches too. (Stylophone beeping) There’s a lot of things
you can do with it, and it’s kinda fun, you know. It’s easier to play than some of the other toy instruments we’ve had. It could be a good road trip toy. As long as you put headphones in. – Oh yeah, headphones for sure guys. [Announcer] Tinker
around and try some tunes on the pocket-sized
Stylophone synthesizer, find the instrument
and hundreds more gifts at VAT19 dot com. (Stylophone beeping) ♪ VAT19 dot com. ♪ (click)

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