Burning Questions: Spitballs

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[MUSIC PLAYING] VAT19 presents
Burning Questions, featuring real customer
inquiries about spit balls. Tanning Chatum asks, on a
scale of 1 to 10, how awesome would it be to put these squishy
blobs into a water balloon? [BURSTING SOUND] Judges? Looks like 101,010 out of 10. Anonymustache17
asks, what if you fill them with lighter fluid,
then light them on fire? [LOUD BUZZER] As it turns out, spit balls
can’t soak up lighter fluid. But for the second
part of your question– Muy caliente! Queenbaconbits wonders,
how many of these would it take to fill a bathtub? Here we go. [LAUGHING] This is nice. It took approximately that
many to fill that tub. Todd asks, does it feel
incredible to step on them? [SPLASHING SOUND] It sure does Todd. Fastbreak383 inquiries,
will it blend? [LOUD BLENDER NOISE] Ooh. Not even kale could make
that a healthy smoothie. Wannagetsomepizza says,
glow in the dark spit balls? Who in the world has
glow in the dark spit? Gross. I think we’ll just ship them
ready to glow in the dark. Teenagemutantninjacarl asks,
cannot one simply put the spit balls in barbecue sauce, thus
creating a delicious treat for the whole family? To which I retort, no. One cannot simply do that. Do not eat spit balls. They are not food. Thank you. Comment_by_felicia says, if
I sing horribly will these explode? [BAD SINGING] [SCREAMING] [GLASS SHATTERING] Apparently not. Irishwishwash– Irishwristwash–
Irishwristwatch wants to know, can you shoot one through a
straw like an actual spit ball? We couldn’t find a straw, but
we did find some other stuff to try. [BUZZER SOUND] [YELLING] Holy schmoly, that was cool. The real Jorge Clooney
asks, are these good for pranking somebody? Well Jorge, this will
answer your question. Well that’s it, and that’s all. Until next time. Buy spit balls, water marbles
and glow in the dark spit balls at vat19.com Vat19.com. Watch this playlist to see
more scientific answers to your questions. And watch this video
to see us freeze gummy candy in liquid nitrogen
and drop it off the roof. Don’t forget to follow
us on Instagram, so you can ask me your
own burning questions.

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