Brita Tap Water Filter Faucet Sink Filtration Purifier – Full Honest Unboxing & Test & Review

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what’s up guys welcome back to reviews R
Us today we are reviewing the Brita filter now this is a relatively very
cheap filter in fact if you guys check out my link in my description sometimes
it’s on sale for $15 but most times you’re going to pay between 21 and 30
dollars for this and this one comes with one filter it claims removes 99% of lead
now this is a cheap filter it’s got a good rating but keep in mind guys it is
a cheap filter so you’re gonna kind of get what you pay for I think now with
that being said it says the number one brand and water filtration it has a four
out of five stars it doesn’t filter out everything it’s
easy setup no tools needed electric what I really like about this is has an
electronic filter indicator so it actually lets you know when the filter
should be replaced flip on Spray option space efficiency design let’s go over
some other key features so it helps with heavy lead taste and odor which is
chlorine disinfection and a whole bunch of other stuff so what I’m going to do
is I’m going to bring this up closer to for you guys and then you can zoom in
you can pause the video right here and read what that has to say let’s see if
we can get it a little clearer for you guys so just kind of pause it if you
want to read the back of it at different spots alright now this is a full test
and unboxing video so let’s go ahead and open it up so right away I notice we’ve got a
manual here but who reads manuals we got some washers in adapters right in here
like I said this is very simple it’s small simple design if you are on the
cheap side of wanting a filter then this is the way to go I mean this is
definitely what you want to go with if you want cheap if you want something
that filters out a lot more stuff and heavily filtered out stuff I’ll have a
link in the description on what I recommend so simple design here we’re
going to show you guys up close here so this is the design of it there’s your
indicator light right in here the back here looks like this is probably how you
disconnect the filter here you have a thing that you connect to your spicket
or your faucet here’s where water comes down you can set it to looks like
there’s three modes one is the Brita then there’s a solid water dropping them
look like multiple drops so that’s probably the spray
simple design it’s basically guys you line it up just like so press it in
place and that’s what you got as you see it it was blinking green we can pop it
out see it blinking green now to replace the filter alright guys so from what I’m
seeing is this is actually the cartridge filter cartridge and you buy this whole
thing separate when you need a new filter I just checked there will be a
link in my description I think they’re like $14 for three or something like
that now I think you can take them out for
wiping off the filters and stuff but I’m not gonna mess with that now until you
know I’ll do a video in the future of doing that but I’ll figure that out
probably halfway during the cycle of using this so let’s go ahead and connect
it so you see a groove in here there’s going to be a groove on the cartridge
you’re gonna line that up with the Britta lettering on here and you just
press down so that that’s all that’s to it so let’s go ahead guys and install it
alright let’s go ahead and install it so I think we have disconnect yeah this so
unless no we got to turn it off we want to keep that here in case we
need it now let’s see if we can just directly
connect it they do recommend putting I’m not sure if it’ll be a drip fit
they got um things alone but we’ll see so what you do so it’s gonna be a drug
fit um you just tighten it up as much as you can and what you do is then you
twist the whole thing and you hold your finger your thumb this right here as you
turn the Brita machine and then you hold everything together and keep twisting to
get it on as tight as possible what is that tape that white tape they
recommend you’re putting over that’ll also help seal it up all right so we got
it on there now that’s tight as we can ho-yeah sir for no leakage all right now it’s going through the
filter and it’s not leaking so again let me zoom up and show you guys exactly
what I mean so when you’re tightening it you know twist it on as much as you can
and then have it facing like this put your two fingers like this and hold it
and twist the whole thing the machine in everything at the same time and then
what you want to do is take your two fingers again go and twist the little
twisty and hold it and pull back the Britta machine so that the washer here
is not moving just the machine then move both the washer the thread part in the
machine until it is solid till you can’t do that no more and then move the
machine back to where you want it and you’re good to go and it won’t it
shouldn’t leak we’re not getting any leakage so we didn’t have to use
anything okay so that is done different settings here no issues fool crusher I’m gonna let it filter through a little
bit we’re gonna turn it on hot and then we’re going to let it filter through the
filter get any you know micro fibers out if there are any from the filter before
we start drinking so I’m just gonna leave it on for a little bit like this
with the hot water first and then I will do a put it on the cool
water and we’ll fill the glass up so guys if you could go ahead and hit that
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it helps show other people as well that the content is good content now we’re
gonna go fill up this jar full of nice cold water if you guys live in a very um
so it’s so cold you can’t really see so we’re gonna hold it up to the light a
little bit I can’t really see anything floating around we’re gonna take a drink doesn’t not bad no it’s not it’s not too
bad at all but again guys and you want through use you know check your water
source um and what I mean by that is you guys can
look online your Township or if you’re using a well and it’s really dirty like
it’s really bad in you’re worried I’m not sure how this is gonna perform for
like the really hardcore areas that’s the nice thing about it you know for 20
20 to 30 bucks you know it’s not really big of a loss if it doesn’t work out for
you you know the water taste I don’t taste anything in the water it seems
fine you know why I got this is because my wife and I we actually we actually
buy water I love Deer Park water I can’t stand the
other brands Deer Park does a phenomenal job of processing and filtering their
water but you know that gets costly that real really gets costly over time and
and we’re just looking for an alternative and the water tastes pretty
good you know I’m happy with it I think it’s gonna be a good fit and I
think for 25 bucks we just saved ourselves a ton of money because I drink
a lot of water I drink anywhere from 70 to 70 to 90 ounces of water a day you’re
supposed to drink 64 ounces minimum a day and I always try and exceed that
so obviously I’m drinking a lot of water and sixteen sixteen point nine ounce
water bottles don’t exactly go that far when and that’s just me a day so that’s
not clear you know my wife so yeah guys as of now
I this small simple design yet I mean it doesn’t take up much room that’s
something I was worried about I was worried about you know there’s really
not much room in our counter space here but this thing actually doesn’t take up
that much room it’s brilliant really I mean this thing is brilliant I’m
extremely happy again now if you keep twisting this as you’re doing dishes or
something you’re gonna work this loose so my recommendation you know get as
tight as you can and try not to twist this you gotta twist your actual okay
brain fart if you gotta twist this go ahead and twist that you know obviously
you’re twisting that overtime can wear that down too so I recommend keeping it
out of spot and then doing dishes in say the left side or the right side or if
you have just a single tub here then doing it you know having it set at a
certain spot that you can get water but it’s not going to be in your road
because you don’t want to keep twisting this machine because you’re going to
work that loose and this is plastic and probably aluminium maybe steel but over
time that’s gonna work itself loose in its just then you’re gonna start getting
leakage so I recommend just leaving it alone if you leave it alone you don’t
rotate this often and great thing to change this you know you just press the
button which we’re not going to do because I think it says it resets it I think it said if you take this out it
resets the timer so okay guys very happy I think you guys will be till take care
of guys have an awesome day and if you’re wondering about the light it
doesn’t it doesn’t do anything when you use just the regular thing but when
you’re actually using the filter there you can see it green then it actually
counts you know I’m not sure if it does by gowing or what how the filter exactly
works but yeah guys so cool thanks for watching any questions please leave a
comment and I will try and help you out the best that I can
again if you subscribe that means a lot to me because that actually does help me
out because it shows other people that hey this guy is not just a fly-by-night
youtuber thanks guys you



May 5, 2019, 1:32 am Reply

It should work pretty good. I have used a Brita pitcher for probably about 25 or so years.
You drink a lot of water!


May 5, 2019, 1:34 am Reply

The white stuff is thread seal tape.

Grampy Campy’s Bearcreek Homestead

May 5, 2019, 3:34 am Reply

They are expensive I prefer my well water 💦 👨🏼‍🌾🦌♥️❤️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🥰🏡🙏💕👴👰🌹💦💦💦💦💦👍🏻

Linda Hawkins

May 5, 2019, 4:16 am Reply

Plumber's tape. Thanks for this info.

Shumaila Abdul Ghani

Nov 11, 2019, 5:04 pm Reply

water coming from the tab side is being filter too?

Hefizba Beula

Nov 11, 2019, 1:54 am Reply

It didnt fit my common apt fawcets

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