BodyTalk Cortices Tapping Technique

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Okay, Beautiful Souls! So welcome to your shifting basics video one 🙂 I’m gonna break this up into videos to cover all the different processes and the very first process we’re going to cover is the BodyTalk Cortices tapping technique. This comes from the BodyTalk healing modality and is copyright John Veltheim, and Body Talk. I do highly recommend BodyTalk as a healing modality that you can actually use. I do use it myself and it’s fantastic for system support as well as removing belief systems, changing orientation towards things and working on stuff energetically. So the basic BodyTalk Cortice tapping technique can be used for everything. If you are stressed in the moment, general well-being, just doing that twice a day, enhancing affirmations, improving prayers – it doesn’t matter what you do it with, it will basically enhance it or it will help you fix it. The basics of the technique are very simple. First of all, to get the tapping right – take your hand, put your elbow in front of your nose, and now just rest your hand on your head. It’s a very lights movement. So one finger is kind of on the midline, two fingers either side and you’re just tapping very lightly. It’s just that light, tapping movement to activate the brain. So the first thing you’re going to do, is you’re going to take your other hand and you’re going to put it on the back of your head, by the occipital lobe and then you’re gonna tap and just fix it and then store it. You’re gonna move your hand one space up, so it’s sort of on the back of your head around the crown and fix it, and again store it. How long you tap is up to you, trust your intuition. I can often feel like a settling or a sinking in my body, like what happens with grounding, when I’ve tapped enough. Then on top of your head, tap on your hand itself. Fix it. Store it. Forehead – fix it. Store it. Then on either side of the head – fix it. Store it. Fix it with the other hand now, and store it. You can also set an intention before you tap by saying it out loud. Say your affirmations beforehand. Tap beforehand. Tap while you’re doing your affirmations. Once you’re used to it, we often reduce to just tapping on our head and then tapping over here. So you’ll see me if I’m sitting in session, all of a sudden I’ll start tapping on my head or I’ll say to the person tap on your head and that basically just helps your body release it. You’re training your body to release it, fix it, store the fix. Love you, MWAH! Can’t wait to see you for the next one 😉

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