Bodycam footage shows K9 drag a child abuse suspect from bathtub

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Tyvon Eugene Mumphrey (above) was found by K9 officer Kahn on July 11 inside a home after Tulsa Police Department spent more than a month trying to find the suspectBodycam footage shows a suspect being dragged from a bathtub by a K9 officer after the man allegedly forced two women from a van at gunpoint, pistol whipping them and then threw a child in a car seat to the ground  Tyvon Eugene Mumphrey of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was arrested on July 11 after the animal was able to latch onto his scent and find him hiding lying down behind a shower curtain Tulsa police received a tip-off that he man was hiding at the home on the 1800 block of North Madison and before entering tried to beckon him out with words ‘Tyvon, don’t be stupid,’ one of the officers can be heard warning Mumphrey moments before releasing K9 officer Kahn to search the property Video of the incident showed the canine tracking the suspect into the bathroom and holding him until he was handcuffed and later taken to hospital to treat the bite wound to his left shoulder Mumphrey is charged with child abuse, robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon   K9 officer Kahn (left) can be seen being held by Officer Woods before being released into the home on 1800 block of North Madison, Oklahoma, to track down Mumphrey Officer Woods alerted the dog to the fact that Mumphrey was hiding inside a bath (left) twice before he acted The dog finally caught the suspect’s scent clamped down on his arm (right) Police released the bodycam footage, which starts by showing several officers trying to entice Mumphrey into leaving the property of his own accord Kahn then enters dark rooms in and searches for the suspect, who according to NewsOn6 officers had been trying to track down for over a month Officer Woods stands in the door arch pointing his flashlight and gun into the rooms as the dog surveys the areas  The search continues through a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, the hallway and the bathroom    RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Disgusting footage shows a man abusing a cowering dog and How Downing Street dog Dilyn went from wags to riches: Born. Share this article Share After Woods realizes the suspect is hiding in the bathtub his decides to use it as a lesson for Kahn to learn and tries to point him to the hiding place During a second look after the curtain moves the dog spots the suspect, bites him on the arm and shakes him as he tries to pull him out of the bath  ‘Raise your hands,’ yells the officers and encourages Mumphrey to bring his second wrist closer so he can be handcuffed Mumphrey can be seen bleeding from his left upper arm and later visible bite wounds would later be treated by emergency medical services Later, Woods was asked if he endangered officers by allowing the dog to find the suspect rather than apprehending him immediately after noticing him  ‘Oh absolutely. I know that one of our officers had backed into that room for cover not knowing he was in the shower,’ he told NewsOn6  Mumphrey was taken to Tulsa County Jail after hospital treatment and has been held on a $135,000 security bond  He is due to appear before court on November 14.  A second bodycam clip showed Officer Woods (center) with Kahn apprehending the suspect Mumphrey was held by Kahn (right) while officers handcuffed him before the dog let him go Mumphrey (left) was taken to taken to hospital for the dog bite wounds on his left upper arm Woods later explained that he had noticed the suspect before but wanted to use the experience as training for K9 officer Kahn (right) 

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