Blooming Jelly Bathing Suit Review

By Grover Koelpin 2 comments

Hello, and welcome to Little Antique Me,
that’s me, and today I am kind of doing a little something different I think I’ve
done at least one product for view for my thin leather design earrings but
today I get to do another review and this one was kind of special I was
contacted by a sweet lady named Laura 4 and she works with a company bloomin
jelly and their company on Amazon I’ve seen their things a couple of times and
had thought they would be pretty but just hadn’t actually got a chance to
order one and she asked if I would try one of their bathing suits and give my
honest feedback about it and I have to say the whole experience has been so
fantastic and I’m so excited to buy from them again and so I thought for today I
would share the bathing suit with you and what I love about it and just my
thoughts about it and also perhaps some video of it as well so here we go so she
contacted me and asked if I would try this bathing suit which is super cute
it’s got a great lace design on the front it’s a halter strap the material
itself is very soft very calm comfy the laces are the I guess you’d call it the
door knees on the front it’s very soft as well
I just love how well the bathing suit itself is made I’m going to pop up some
pictures to show you closer up pictures the detail on the front is done so well
the material like I said is very nice inside it’s fully lined there isn’t an
actual bra top so for more support it’s not the best but for me it works
perfectly it does have two inserts and this inside
for modesty sake and for me I find that it fits just nice it fits perfectly I
mean the I ordered a size small and technically this small was by
measurement too big for me but I decided just to go for it see what happen it’s
got enough give and stretch that if you were a size small it would fit you
perfectly with me it fits without the stretch and so that’s great and it
actually works out because I’m kind of long torso and so having this small
length actually works fabulous for my build the lining inside is all the way
through which I love I don’t like it when they just put it on the bottom or
just in the bust area I love that it’s completely completely lined I can’t talk
the straps are a great length I feel like I’ve got plenty of movement with
them just overall an amazing bathing suit and I would highly recommend it all
right bathing suit update I have been wearing the suit now three or four days
swimming and it is doing extremely well I am currently away from my house so
hence live now I’m inside here doing a video the suit itself like it says
wholly upgrade the material is fantastic still
the only thing I have noticed is there’s a little bit of discoloration right here
on what you can’t really see in the video the lace just from the chlorine
and pool but I have a feeling it’s going to wash out and it would be perfectly
fine so it’s good too


Lippy Witch

Apr 4, 2019, 2:20 pm Reply

it does fit well on you! girl where you find a pool! unless ya added one since last i was there 😛 i wanna pool….

Alexandra Alberti

Apr 4, 2019, 9:00 pm Reply

The bathing suit looks cute, classy, and pretty

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