Best Remedy for Leg Cramps

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What is the best remedy for leg cramps? Are you constantly suffering from leg cramps,
especially at night? Do you need the best remedy for leg cramps that actually works? Try any of the best remedy for leg cramps
outlined here. However, if nothing works and the problem persists, it’s time to visit
a doctor. Get a hot washcloth or electric heating pad
and place it on the affected area on your leg. Basically, the heat with relax the cramped
muscle thereby increasing blood flow to the tissue. Apply the heat for about 20 minutes, relax
for some time and repeat it again. Get in the shower, make sure it’s very warm
and soak in the bath for some time. If you need more relief, you can add some
Epsom salt into the bath. Epsom salt usually contains magnesium which
aids in relaxation of cramped muscles. Look for the epicenter of the place experiencing
cramps in your leg. Use your thumb to press on this spot. Alternatively, you can press it using a fist
(loosely clenched) or the heel of your hands. Keep the pressure on the area for about 10
seconds and continue pressing again. You are supposed to feel some discomfort from
the process but not too much pain. Once you have repeated the procedure a few times, the
pain should start going away. Leg cramps might also be caused by low levels
of electrolytes in the body. These are basically minerals such as calcium,
potassium, magnesium and sodium. Therefore, you should change your diet to
that with mineral content to prevent any further leg cramps. For instance, you could try vegetables, fruits
and also dairy products. If you experience leg cramps when you are
exercising, you need to take 2 cups of water before, during and after each routine. You can also take sport drinks like Gatorade
that can replace your electrolytes.

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