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♪ Mommy, my ice cream ♪ (lips vibrating) ♪ My ice cream ♪ (man slurping) – It’s episode two,
everyone is super excited. There is a wide variety of
rock ‘n rollers, tap dancers, but overall everyone can sing amazing. (upbeat music) – Okay, it’s not a country, mate. What are you talking–
– It’s a city. – Are you mental?
– It’s a city. – That’s mental.
– Don’t ruin it. – It’s okay.
– No. – Where are you guys from? (laughing)
Where are you guys from? – We’re from Chicago. – You guys had me going. (upbeat music) Big step, big production. Have you guys done
anything like this before? – I don’t think we have
done anything like this. This is probably the biggest. – This is such a huge opportunity. We’re all so pumped, so excited. – Which artist do you guys
relate to yourself the most? – Jonas Brothers.
– Jonas Brothers? – Jonas Brothers. – What do you guys prepare
for this in your head? – We overthink it, definitely. – I just have to come
to a peace to myself. (upbeat music) – Oh, the door was stuck. Hello! – [Group] Hi! – Hi, guys. – I’m Tasha, sorry.
– Nice to meet you. You’re good, you guys can stay there. (upbeat music) – We were all super excited
to know we were coming here, but being here is completely different. Everyone’s super nice, all the
other bands are really nice. – What do you guys do, what’s your thing? – We do country, pop, rock, R&B. We do multiple different genres and we all play instruments, so we all play guitar
and bass, drum, violin, and we all sing and we do harmonies. – Tonight it’s going to be different because they want us to just sing and we’re going to show off our harmonies. – We don’t have one main singer, so we all will take turns being the lead and then we’ll all do harmonies. Every single song we’re switching up. (upbeat music) – This is my hair, to be honest. It’s okay. I’m going to let them
borrow the color for today. (upbeat music) – What are some struggles or
benefits of all being sisters and performing and being a band or group? – We can chill at the records. Some people who don’t
like it are not sisters, it’s like, “Okay, we recorded, goodbye.” But I get to go home with them, which is also a struggle ’cause
I have to go home with them. Grammy, it’s all good. – [Ben] How do yo get in the head space? – You have to have a killer playlist. – [Ben] What’s on that playlist? – I’d say right now our favorite song that we dance to all the
time, what do you think? – Mine is “Level Up” still, but I mean– – “Level Up” by Ciara for sure. – We’re a mix of a lot
of different things, but mostly R&B and pop. We don’t do a lot of dancing, but we try to incorporate some moves just so it’s not straight singing. Besides that, it’s mostly our harmonies that we’re known for. ♪ Oh ♪ (upbeat music) – Done, Mama.
– Done, you’re quick. So quick. Fabulous. – [Middle Brother] Great. (smooth rock music) – It’s a huge production. Have you done anything like this ever? – [Group] No, definitely not. – Any expectations versus reality? – It’s way more casual that I expected. I was picturing people to
be dressed in black suits. “Okay, now you’re going to go over here.” But they’re super chill. – What’s the mental preparedness that you guys go in there and kill it? – We have some vocal warm-ups sometimes or we’ll even pull out
a card game like this like we’re playing right now. ♪ Oo ee oo whee oo ♪ – We go all the way over the scale. On and on and on. – That’s awesome.
– Thanks for that. ♪ Oh ♪ – How do you tap dance? What part of your foot? – Okay, are you ready? (feet banging) – Whoa! Amazing, who’s next? – I don’t know, you. – Me, all right now. (upbeat folk music) What kind of music do you guys do? – We play Celtic music
with a pop influence. – We all play multiple instruments. – I play the fiddle. – The guitar, the piano. – The accordion. – Fiddle, the piano. – Bell, the fiddle, the piano,
I step dance, and I sing. – Wow, that is more instruments that I’ve ever heard in my life. How do you guys get ready for this, get in the head space and in the groove? – It’s a lot of in your head just mentally thinking of where you’re going to be and then you go out and you do it. (crowd cheering) (upbeat music) ♪ But what I really need to know is ♪ ♪ Are you going to come my way ♪ ♪ Yeah, I guess that’s my church ♪ ♪ I got one less problem without cha ♪ ♪ I got one less problem without cha ♪ ♪ I got one less one less prob-problem ♪ ♪ I gave her hope ♪ ♪ I spent her love until
she’s broke inside ♪ (upbeat Celtic music)
(audience cheering) – The first group moving
onto the next round is The Harris Brothers! (brothers cheering) – Then you hear. – Wait, that thing on the– – Harris Brothers.
– Harris Brothers. – That’s right. – I was like (mimics laser). – [Group] Aye! – The second band moving
onto the next round is The Next Generation Leahy! (Leahy family cheering) – I can’t imagine how
you guys feel right now. – Oh my gosh. – That was terrific.
– I can feel my heart now. (audience applauding) – Tap dancing, rock ‘n roll, the Leahys and the Harris Brothers are moving on. That is a wrap for episode two. Thank you guys so much for watching. Check the YouTube page
for more behind-the-scenes of “America’s Most Musical Family”. I’ll see you guys next time. Peace out! (upbeat music)


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1st comment always. Lol 😂

The Kid Brothers

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Yoooo all that energy backstage if awesome man. Like a big party!!!! Congratulations 🎊🍾🎉🎈 to all of the families that made it that far.

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Maughan's should be 1st place.

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Stroy of my life is my Favorit


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Them Forces tho

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3:20 Was that a Double Dare poster?

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BEN! Sub to HIM!

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Bro dats lexis boyfriend

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