Bellapulse Microdermabrasion Facial Cleansing Wand and Brush Review

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Hi everyone it’s Kathy Thomas from
Common Skin Conditions dot com and today’s video is a Bellapulse
facial cleansing brush review. Let me tell you what attracted me to
Bellapulse to begin with. For years I’ve just used face cloths to wash my face or scrubby
type of sponge and soap, and as you can probably
guess. it the scrubby especially has been pretty
harsh on my skin so the thing I like most about the Bellapulse system is it’s gentle and there’s something about
that vibrating motion of the brush that I really enjoy. I am a sucker for scalp and facial massage
to begin with so this feels really nice. Note
however the brush doesn’t rotate just in case
you’re wondering it vibrates so when you use it you move it
in a circular motion there’s no need for you to push hard or
dig in – just put the cleanser on the brush and run in a light circular motion on
your skin and I think you’re gonna like it feels
really nice. Now the unit comes with the handle, the call it the Bellapulse wand then you have the exfoliation brush and a
cleansing brush – they feel similar but the exfoliation brush seems just
a touch harder the massaging sponge will apply the
moisturizer onto your skin and then there’s this little plastic
massage head and you can use that to relax your facial muscles and increase
circulation I kinda like that it has a base to store
it in and it even comes with batteries. Okay I got this on sale for about sixty
dollars or so and when I got it it also came with a
tube of rose hip cleanser and exfoliating cleanser for evening use and a hyaluronic acid moisturizer,
but I don’t know how long the company is gonna have that is part of the kit so by the time you see this video it may
or may not come with it now because my skin is sensitive I don’t
exfoliate everyday but it is something I use every so often
and my skin is feeling pretty smooth. Of course that may have something to do with the
moisturizer is well as the brushes themselves – I really like the feeling
of that moisturizing pad it does seem to help – I don’t know if it
actually pushing the moisturizer in – its just but it does make it feel good when it’s
being applied. When I was researching the Bellapulse I noticed that some people were talking
about removing their makeup with it I don’t use it for that because I wanna
keep the cleansing brush bristles looking nice and clean, they are white and if I use it to remove makeup it
might stain it, so that that’s just my preference. The unit
is by SkinPro which is a company I’ve dealt with before. If you’ve seen any of my other SkinPro videos, so I
already knew that the customer service was good in shipping as usual was really fast
it’s got a lifetime replacement warranty and that is good also all in all this unit is lightweight it’s
waterproof I’m now I’m not the type to use gadgets
in the shower so I’ll just be using it at the sink. Finally I have to say I like using this
soft brush over the old face cloth or skin scrubby;
it’s got a really nice feel to it so for me this is a keeper. Okay we’ll have
some more videos coming so thanks for watching this one and have
a great day and visit me over at the Common Skin
Conditions site See ya soon!

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