Beer Tap Handles Born in the USA

By Grover Koelpin 18 comments

– We’ve made tap handles for Budweiser, Goose Island, Miller Lite. You know, I think this is a first with an actual snow
globe on the tap handle. Yee-Haw Pale Ale. I like this one because it’s just a big, awesome-looking tap handle. Stiegl, Prescott, and Central
Waters, to name a few. I’m Mark Steinhardt, General
Manager of AJS Tap Handles. I definitely would try that beer. So, a guy walks into a bar, and the first thing he does, if it’s me, I look what’s on tap. Certainly, the unique tap
handles pique your interest and might push you to try that beer. I like this tap handle,
because I’m a road biker. We’re located in Random Lake, Wisconsin, which is about 45 minutes
north of Milwaukee. Even though Wisconsin is a rural state, we produce tap handles
for the mega-breweries on down to the smallest microbrew. We believe we’re the
largest domestic producer of tap handles here in the U.S. We ship out approximately a half a million tap handles each year. We can produce the tap
handle from start to finish. This is a very detailed tap handle, and I would guess takes about an hour to hand paint all the detail on it. Companies do try to have
the most eye-catching, most unique tap handle in the bar. And it is a cross between
art and manufacturing. We always say our tap handle
will sell your first beer, and your beer will sell the rest.


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great video! Love the content that you guys put out, absolutely amazing


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+1 if u know what I'm talking about 😉

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Why is it that every time I watch a new video on this channel, there is always that one asshole who disliked it. Seriously, just one single dislike every fucking time. If I could figure it out, I would give them such a pinch.

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I'd tap that lmaoo

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Random Lake?

American placenames are something special.


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I'm confused, this says age restricted and I'm 21. any comments got an answer?

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A great interview! Love seeing how these flash tap handles get made. Cheers!

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I'd go nuts in there I collect them

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I love tap Handles . Do you have site , catalog , whats number ? Have products for sale ? Tks
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