Bayi Belajar Berenang #2 ( Baby Swim )

By Grover Koelpin No comments

(splashing water) sheren.. are you happy? she ignore it I afraid will fall why you can fall? Just Hold My hand the wind sound to hard, sorry about the sound you wanna swim? it’s dirty… dirty? wet…!!! I said wet papa We wanna swim, so we gonna wet it’s cold? no..!! not cold? she ignore it again bro, she wanna sit there play with the water I don’t want it I Don’t want it…!!! (???) it too cold??? daddy hold you you want to try hold your breath? no, I Don’t want it I will release You OK? I Don’t want it cold… I feel cold why your tongue like that? are you feel cold? I think is enough I feel cold I think’s she feel cold I want mommy Daddy hold you Mommy…!!! You want go to mummy? Yes…!! ( c’mon go to mummy )

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