Bathtub Stopper and Drain – Universal Nufit®

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This video demonstrates how to easily update
your Bathtub Stopper and drain, without having to actually replace the Bathtub Drain. Repair almost any Bathtub Drain in minutes
with a Universal NuFit. The outside diameter of your strainer body
flange width needs to be 2-7/8 inches or less. Remove all oils, dirt and cleansers from the
strainer body flange area using soap and water or rubbing alcohol and a rag. Make sure strainer
body surface is completely dry.
 Apply the supplied silicone around the underside
of the flange. Use the entire tube.

Then, firmly press the Universal NuFit Bathtub Drain
onto the old strainer body flange area. Wipe away any excess adhesive with a rag.
Let Universal NuFit dry for three hours before use. You’re done installing your brand-new
Universal NuFit. It’s That Simple!

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