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Hi guys! What’s up? We’re Inetersting and Ficus This is probably the most unpredictable release of “the bathtub with” Because we started to film a snow bathtub, and as a result we got 150 liters of Slime So for today’s unrestrained fun we ordered artificial snow from China and they sent us this much of it. We have doubt whether it’ll be enough to fill the whole bathtub, although I really want it and hope that we’ll have fun! Here it should be 160 liters, but if it’s not enough we’ve got some Gelli baff The instructions say that you need to dilute it in cold water for 20 minutes. 6 bags equal to 160 liters of water Yes, but that’s a lie for sure! So the whole bathtub will be filled with this! As per the instructions, all this need to poured in 140 liters of cold water. Well, it seems to us that this is an incorrect instruction, so we gonna be pour a little bit in the beginning, and then we’ll act according to the situation. Look at this! We’ve snow! Some sort of weird liquid Most importantly the snow is warm but its little Let it snow, let it snow! It looks like melted snow Wel, we were deceived we didn’t get the whole bathtub of snow as they promised, but it turned out to be just a bucket. But Ficus and I did not despair and decided to do a huge experiment. We’re going to mix all of this snow with the Gelli baff that we’ve got with us, and we’ll see what happens. I think we should mix it well Now we’re gonna pour out everything that we have in the bags, and we don’t even know what it is, maybe it’s some kind of slime. Now we’ll mix them and there will be some sort of swamp, a swamp in the bathtub Maybe this is multi-colored Wow! It’s so bright and its already increasing. Colorful snow Looks so appetizing You know, its kind of resembles pulp of watermelon One more Let’s now add green, by the way, write in the comments, what do we get if we add green to red. What do you think? I think it’ll be smothing like brown This looks so cool! I read it somewhere that green and red colors are not combined together and even the human eye can’t concentrate on these two colors at the same time. So, the marsh color is obtained Marshy bathtub Like a Christmas tree. And what is this? Something streches out! Wow Listen this green thing is slime Really? Look here I told you it was slime Yack, snot! So we’re going to have the bathtub with Gelli baff, snow and slime Such a strange color, isn’t it? Yes, this is really a weird color Like a bubble wrap It formed so many bubbles All set! Now I’m ready to dive into the slime Ready? Yes, I’m ready. Wow! How’s it? Cool! I like it. It’s slippary, right? You can skate there! It’s lifting me upward. The same situation was with the bathtub with condensed milk. Wow! I feel like some kind of marsh toad. Look at this toad’s hands! Also I feel like some kind of embryo in the egg, because that’s what reminds of a strong protein. It’s so slippery and transparent Dude, you’ve got bazooka hands It’s hard to turn around here I’m a real water mermaid As you can see, with this thing you can give yourself a new look, so we’ll open a Slimer soap Slime barbershop Yes, visit us, we’ll give you a new hairstyle and it’s not expenisve. Look at this! Is it heavy? 5 kilos for sure I’m the Spider man I’ve got super slime strength You know, like in fantasy films about the future, where people or robots are created to resemble human, and they also hang in such slime or film, and then they fall out of the slime. It’s dollars for gnomes Gnollars Here they are! Guys, it turned out very funny and we hope that you liked this video and this green slurry and you’ll give it a thumbs up. It was Interesting and Ficus with this green slime, thanks for watching, till next time!



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Oh that is cool sry i can not good english


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That would be an enjoyable texture to feel

Sarah Leng

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After who's clean that? HAHAHA

Carter Wall

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How haven't you got 1mill subs yet

Faiq Afzaal

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Great video

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Это что?

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вы говорили будет про дом мы стояли и розгаваривали

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Grosson LAL

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Love slime

Grosson LAL

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Please do a dance video

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