Bathroom Electrical Outlet Not Working ~ No Power ~ How To Restore The Juice

By Grover Koelpin No comments

Alright I have got a bathroom outlet here.
Got my deal plugged in here and go to turn it on. Nothing happens. This outlet you can
see is not a GFCI. The thing is a lot of times these bathrooms
are linked together on a GFI. On my particular setup the GFCI is over here in the hall restroom.
Right here, and its go the little reset button right here. A lot of times what causes this is a hairdryer
this is a fifteen amp circuit. A lot of hair dryers are 18 amps so this often trips the
breaker. As you can see. We come back over here and the lights on so this is just a simple
matter of resetting the GFI. This particular setup the outlet that is outside
on the front patio is also linked to this same GFI that this one was linked to. So it
is a nice easy fix of just resetting the GFCI button.

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