Bathroom Cleaning Tips : How to Remove Bathtub Decals

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Hi, this is Ann Myrick, and today I’m going
to show you, how to remove bathtub decals. Many time you will move into a place and they’ll
have the decals, like ducks for the children, or older ladies or gentlemen. And a lot of
times they’re very gritty and dirty, and you want to remove those, and either replace them
or just have a clean tub. So what I would do first is, this bathtub just has- a lot
of times people will use tape and this one has old tape on it. So first what you want
to do, is with hot water, I would just begin to put a little bit of the hot water right
on top of the decal, and put a little bit of soap, excuse me, I’ll put a little bit
of the soap, and just kind of really work it in. What I’m doing now is just trying to
get the decals soft, and you’ll see how the corners are already starting to come up, and
you just want to let it soak, and a lot of times that’s all you need. Then I will take-
I use a non-abrasive, kind of rubbery spatula from the kitchen, you want to be sure it’s
not metal, you want to be sure it’s soft but also firm. And I will just start, so you can
see the tape just starting to come up, and then a lot of times they’ll just pull right
up. Now after you take- this one’s not bad, but after you take them off, many times there’s
a discoloring, or there is a lot of guck, so you might want to go back with like a Comet,
which is scratch-free, but a Comet, or a cleanser, and just really clean where your decal was,
and then give it a fresh rinse. And before you start, what you might want to do is wipe
all the- if there’s anything in your tub, like hair, dirt, that you don’t want to go
down your drain, you might want to take a paper towel and clean all that out before
you do this, so when you do your wash, you’re not sending dirt down your drain. This is
Ann Myrick, and that is how you take off decals.


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