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hey guys welcome back to another video I
am going to tackle clean in the bathtub the bathtub is really dirty and needs to
be cleaned I haven’t cleaned it for a while so I’m going to show you how to
have I clean of the tub and you can see it is just these away a bit more I have
this organic multi-purpose cleaner I’m gonna clean the top first and all the
around the wall and then I will work my way from the top to the bottom and I’ve never used this cleaner for the
bathtub so we’ll see how it works so far it seems to be doing pretty good
this right here is painted on here it looks like for the most part it’s
kind of hard yeah that spot right there which I might make do another product
for that so happy birthday going well alright whoa good substrate himself just shopping together to get some more
clothes I’m gonna make that too all right so I didn’t say I got most of
it but it still has some silks film that is not coming off with this product so
I’m gonna go make I mix baking soda and soap together to help get this
super-skrull off do a half and half right is that set pretty fast but it works and
you can see the come over here you can see how quickly it works
you look over here and you see it’s dirty I just read this in and it
disappears so see how that has disappeared easy with maybe can you see here’s where I just
used it and here where I haven’t used it so baking soda and so works amazing I’m almost done with the wall and sups
comes a little bit every day all right see there’s anything left in there
attend wash it off so that is how items would clean my
bathtub I try I didn’t try this I like it I just didn’t get the soap scum off
so what I use to get the soap scum is my space baking soda and some soap mix it
together it dries pretty quickly or it sets pretty quickly but you just sit a
little different and scrub it but I guess I’m like unless a video please
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want to see next thank you guys all so much for watching

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