Bathing Baby Time – Make Safe Healthy Choices

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A baby’s skin is highly permeable, it will absorb approximately 60 percent of what is put on it’s skin. You do want to avoid harsh chemicals and fragrances, you can never be too careful with what
you put on your baby’s skin. Products. If you go to big baby stores you can find
entire isles out baby products. There’s soaps – there’s washes – there’s shampoos there’s conditioners – there’s nighttime washes – there’s powders oils – ointments – special bathtubs –
washcloths there’s a variety of products for baby’s
bath and it can become very confusing. You need to take a step back and
understand that there’s a couple things that you should watch
out for in the different products. There’s many labels on products
that say sensitive, organic Hypoallergenic, pediatrician approved
unfortunately it does not necessarily mean that they are what they that the label claims them to be. The FDA does not regulate any personal care products and that includes
baby care products. Manufactures are free to put any type of
agreement they want into a product and then place any kind label they want
on product. Here’s a page from New York Senator
Kristen Gillibrand’s website that quote’s a letter she sent to the FDA in March of
2009. She wrote as a mother of two young
children I expect the baby and child products my family uses to be safe. I find it to be unacceptable that the
FDA does not regulate personal care products as it does food and drugs. As a result baby soap, lotions and other
products are contaminated with deadly chemicals. Even the best intentioned parent cannot
protect their child when the dangers are unknown or invisible
to a watchful eyes. You can not protect your baby from every
chemical it out there, we live and we breathe and there’s chemicals all
around us all the time … but the things that you have control
over you should take control. So if you can decrease the amount of chemicals that are in your baby care products then you should do that and that is why you make those decisions. Many of the ingredients that are in
these baby care products will dry out baby’s skin and what happens is you use soap and that
can dry out baby’s skin … and then you need a moisturizer and you use a moisturizer and believe it or not, there’s alcohol in many moisturizers. Before you know it you’re piling on different products and remember that sixty percent of what
you put on your baby’s skin is absorbed into the blood. And there are chemicals that are within
these products that are known to be harmful. They’re known to be
harmful for humans. For your newborn baby the best thing
you can use is a washcloth and warm water. Until they are literally crawling around
on the floor they’re truly not getting dirty and really
aren’t in needed of any type of soap. If you would like to use a product on your baby I recommend ones that a fragrance-free –
and then just be aware that your child may have a reaction to
that soap or moisturizer. It’s not something that most people consider when
when a baby gets a rash, that it could be as simple as the soap or moisturizer that they are using on their child. How often to bathe. You are probably going to want to bathe your baby
every single day, I wouldn’t recommend it… because bathing your baby too frequently will dry
out your baby’s skin. We recommend bathing baby two
to three times a week and everyday of course you are going to wash baby’s face and baby diaper area and if you have a baby that has spit up and you have a little bit of yuck under their neck of course you are going to wipe their neck. But submerging your baby into
water daily is really not healthy for their skin. What to look for in a Tub When it’s time for you to buy your
tub for a newborn baby you may feel overwhelmed. There are so many different
tubs on the market. Virtually all the tubs are the same. One side
usually has a slant for newborn baby before they’re sitting
up and the other side is for when they are sitting up usually around 6-7 months of age. Where the Tub should be placed. When it’s time for you to bathe your baby and you’re getting your tub ready you want to make sure you put the tub in a very secure spot either on the floor or you could put
it inside your own bath tub or you could put it just on any safe surface
that it will not fall. There’s many unsafe places that you could place
your tub. You never want to place your tub on a
counter – chair – dresser – changing table – you want to
make sure that very low to the ground and it cannot fall. Bathing your baby in a sink is
actually a pretty good idea … you just want to make sure the sink
it’s free have any kind of chemicals – detergents – or soaps. You want to make sure that the sink is nice
and clean. You could even place a towel in the sink before you fill
it up with water – just so there’s a soft cushion for your baby to lay on. Water Tempeture The proper water temperature for your baby’s bath
should be around 90 to 100 degrees fahrenheit. You are going to want to test the
temperature up the bath water on your inner wrist or elbow – just to make
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