BANHO DE BALDE NA BEBÊ LAURA!! Baby Bucket Bath Tummy Tub for Babies 

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Good morning, folks! Today I’m gonna start the day with two
fresh news that I have for you. The first one is that Maikito got a place in the
school where we wanted to enroll him, it’s really hard to get a spot there, but he did and
the best thing is that it’s a public school, ’cause it means we won’t spend anything
for him to have a stylish education. Now the second good news that
I have to tell you folks today is… that Craudete cooked chicken for us today,
but it’s a special kind of chicken, it’s chicken with spicy sausage,
isn’t that right, love? It’s an improvised mix. Daddy? Yes? Chips! Hmm, you’re having chips ’cause you’ve
already finished your lunch, right? You’re way smarter than I am! Tell him, “I had lunch at school”. I had lunch at school! Very good! I see, and gramma here is
having a lot of broccoli. That’s right, and everything tastes delicious. Craudete’s broccoli, crazy fella! ♪ RELAXING DISCO MUSIC ♪ [TWO-WHEELER STROLLING SOUND] [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
Today I’m all well-groomed with my blue lace,
looking very cute, [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
and I’m not sleepy, I’m watching everything that goes by. [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
I’m going for a ride with my daddy,
my mummy and my gramma, [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
and I don’t want to sleep at all,
I wanna keep my eyes wide open. Craudete is now a pro on
baby bottles and pacifiers. Ops! The scale is here, but I think they are
the ones who’ll weigh her. Or should we do it? [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
Weigh me up, daddy! Please, do it! Wow, that’s a lot! How much? Little Laura already gained 1.1 kilo
since she was born. These shades are from the future. [COMEDY HONK SOUND] What about these, Mrs. Val,
do they look good? Which ones? These ones. [MUNCHING SOUNDS] ♪ STRONG BEAT MUSIC ♪ We are now at a sports shop looking for a pair of
sandals for Maikito, he’ll need them at school. He already has flip-flops and a Crocs as well,
to wear at home, and a pair of shoes,
that Fila that we bought him. But now Claudia wants to buy
him this model of sandals. I want one that is closed up front,
so that it protects his toes. [BRANCO] – Sure, so he won’t hurt his toes.
[CLAUDIA] – That’s right. [BRANCO] – But this one is for school, right?
[CLAUDIA] – Yeah, this is a good one for school. Check this one, Nicoboco. It’s very cheap. Just $6 euros. $6.99 euros. I have to adjust it, ’cause Maikito
has quite wide feet. Oh, this one is nice, huh? Craudete approves it. I do, ’cause all the sandals we’ve bought him
end up hurting the top of his feet. But this one is adjustable. Yes, this one is adjustable
so it won’t hurt his feet. You can adjust in three different places, see? I like this shirt! They don’t have the sandals that
we liked on Maikito’s size, so we told the shop assistant and
she’ll order it from another shop, then we’ll come back here to pick it up
and so that Maikito can try it. And now, we are gonna check the offers
and take some stylish tank tops for Maikito. Check out this tank tops, they have it green,
blue and red for $1.99, it’s crazy cheap. [LAUGHING] Mrs. Val? What? [LAUGHING] [WHISPERING]
Let’s try and scare Mrs. Val. ♪ SUSPENSE MUSIC ♪ [GRUNTING SOUND] – Eeek! Look those curtains with little duck prints. Don’t pretend you weren’t scared. [COMEDY HONK SOUND] ♪ STRONG BEAT MUSIC ♪ Wow! You’re making your deliciousness
face for water now? [LAUGHING] Wow, you left school feeling very hot, huh? Wow, what a delicious sip of water! Come, come! [GRUNTING SOUND] [SCREAMING] Got you! You got pranked! [LAUGHING] I scared you, didn’t I? [PRETENDING TO BE MARCOS]
You scared me, daddy, you did! What about this Hot Wheels?
Are you gonna sleep with it? You can’t, you can’t, you can’t! 3… 2… 1… go! It doesn’t stand still… Today we bought a few things on the street, one of them is this thing here which I don’t know how it’s called, if you know how it is called, please leave it
on the comments, ’cause I don’t. It’s something you place on the wall, like this… …turn this little hook down… …and it becomes a hanger.
You can hang things up to 2 kilos! 2 kilo, dude! Crazy stuff! A wet towel, for instance. Or two bags of rice! Shall we have a shower? No, Doraemon is not having
a shower, you are. You want to give Doraemon a shower, do you? You wanna make him wet? Tomorrow at Maikito’s school they’ll have the
‘red celebration’, so he must wear red. He’ll use this new red tank top we bought today,
red shorts, red socks, and nearly red underwear. [LAUGHING] He doesn’t have red underwear,
but this stripped one is close enough. What about red shoes, does he has it? Hmm, he has this one… This black and red one, right. You’ll dress all red, very stylish! You can take this red bike as well,
what do you think? Red! Doraemon’s red nose!
You can take his nose as well. Red! Reeeed! [SHOUTING]
Reeeed! Claudia also bought this bucket here so
that we can give little Laura a bath, we’re gonna place it inside of the bath tub,
fill it with warm water, and we can hold her during the
bath so that she relaxes. What’s it called, the original bucket for this?
‘Tummy tummy’? ‘Tubby tubby’? ‘Tiny Toons’? I don’t remember it. Teletubbies? I don’t know, but this is a copycat,
it’s not the original one. Tummy tubbies! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
Tum tub! Tummy tubby! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
Tum tub! YouTube! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
You tub! Folks, I wanna let you know that we’ve just released
on our channel the video Maikito’s Highlights #10. Remembering that this is the last video of this series, Maikito’s Highlights, so #10 comes to give it a nice closure. So check out the video Maikito’s Highlights #10
and leave a comment saying ‘Stylish Maikito’, this way I’ll know you are coming from this video. [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
Woooow, I’m so relaxed here. [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
It feels like I’m back inside my mother’s tummy. [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
I used to have hiccups in my mother’s tummy as well. [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
Aww, let’s relax in this delicious bath. [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
Really feels like I’m back in my mother’s tummy, [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
I used to move around quite a lot while I was there. This bucket bath is normally used to
calm and relax newborn babies, it’s recommended that you fill the bucket halfway
and hold the babies head while he or she rests inside, so that he or she relaxes, but it didn’t
quite work with Laura. [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
I think my mummy didn’t know how to prepare my bath, [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
I couldn’t care less about a bucket bath, [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
all I care about is eat and sleep! We used to give Marcos bucket baths as well,
when he was about two weeks old, there’s even a picture on my Instagram,
if you check Brancoala’s Instagram go back to the picture posted on June 9, 2014, it’s this picture of Marcos having a bucket bath. Find the picture and leave a comment saying
‘Stylish bucket bath’, so we know you were there. [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
Now I’m truly relaxed, daddy. [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
Inside the bucket there was no way to relax, [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
but if it was a foam bath on the tub… Folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed our day today,
please leave your ‘Like’ if you did. If you’ve watched up to this point,
leave a comment saying ‘Stylish bath’. [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
Not stylish bath, stylish hair! Check out my stylish hair. [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
Which way should I comb it? This way? That way? [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
Look the size of this hair, people! Looong hair! [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
So this it for today! A kiss… a hug… and I’m out! ♪ RELAXED LULLABY ♪

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