Baby’s First Bath!!!

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Oh good morning everyone man this blog must feel like we’re just going back and forth back and forth or the old house or the new house or the old house with the new house and that’s what life is like for us right now it’s just going back and forth this rooms almost done create empty so that’s good good news there my office Julie just his mom can take that help that’s why that’s still there but this is mostly all gone they’ll find it stuff like this BFG signed by the casting director Jesus Gilbert maybe bourbon this is still here I’ll come back for you good lego disney world castle wait for me you still have a giant gourd and a balloon up there and that we need to get some point what’s all this stuff we set out the donate it’s so much stuff look at this ridiculousness that’s happening here oh hey cool kids were some cool kicks yes an issue wouldn’t it fell on dude those who don’t fit him judge it look at the neck missing no my goodness he’s got little scales no they’re like the tiniest shoes ever and I had definitely too big but Parker really wanted him to wear them why is he wearing shoes that are too big we’re not to make yeah they’re a little bit a lot too big Parker loves human shoes got anybody first time in juice first time ever in his whole life yeah I’m in Hawaii you can look back and remember the first time you ever wore shoes it’s today today’s a day fella this is the day today slightly more sing in the fall I love you I love your shoes I love your shoes I’m rocking them just like I’m I’m cursed I don’t you still get pair of you jumping please listen all about with you hey can you so you want to have your shoes on but forget your shoes forget the shoes put your hand up hi buddy you having a good day yes he but he wanted around why what happened right like what what was wrong did you figure out what was wrong mommy mommy Welcome Back Kotter and then he made it daddy and then he needed I think he’s I think you need a diaper change did he need a big diaper change yeah was a real big one oh my goodness did you blow poop out of your diaper what eating oh he did the big kids are at basketball practice I’m going to go pick them up or basketball camps summer camp so I’m going to pick them up and then Duncan has his one month doctor visit today what a big boy go to the doctor’s excited I thought so and I think we’re going to get official bath approval for him we’ve been waiting for the doctor to really sign off on submerging his body in water so I think he gets his first out tonight yeah yeah yeah I’ve had a great doctor appointment no more stinky bellybutton he’s ready for some great bath time fun so we’ll have a bath party tonight and hopefully stick them in the sink with his cool little baby bathtub is it fit I think that would be the cutest and most fun but we’ll see and he still looks like he’s on the tall side and on the lean side like 43 percentile for weight and 97 cents for height and in his head his head isn’t growing as much anymore so we humbled them I guess I don’t know it’s fine it’s just like 75th percentile instead of 80th percentile point oh yeah early this morning I don’t know he has a big party 23 inches tall and 9 pounds 11 ounces so exciting growing in Erlanger Sepoy you imagine 23 inches and a little 9 pound person and 9 sound human unreal maybe that amazing things are going exactly as planned tonight we planned on giving Duncan a bath in the kitchen sink but his little bath thing was too big to fit in there he’s got like a little seat too big so that’s not gonna work and also things kind of got crazy at the house and we got really busy with like organizing stuff so it got too late for the kids to be involved so they’ll see his next bath Bailey was really excited about it this is the test bath run Duncan’s going to take his first bath in this bathtub and it will also be my first time in this bathtub oh don’t be scared I’m I’m gonna with you buddy I’m gonna go into yeah are you excited excited yeah oh don’t worry we’ll take your clothes off don’t worry you ready for the bath ready take a bath yeah this would be fun or traumatising could go either way hey you boys ready for your bath gonna do Oh what are you some more like that stop you know when I’m around an inside mommy okay yeah what do you think pretty fantastic here we go there we go baby wash and shampooed two and one don’t miss it the little thing you’re supposed to use it with hair like that this is two and one I love it that’s a new smell okay fine you smell whoo lovely that’s small for you look at that hair my damn daubers mama dog dopers you done a good job you like it more than any of our other kids especially since you got in here with kind of a sour mood if you spent so much time with all that amniotic fluid you have just the world you come back of your head [Music] love your sister I’m community my aunt once described holding a baby during that time like holding a wedding oh you think I’m not calling you okay don’t worry Oh baby hahaha look who’s not got a bed during bath time I want me to do a quick stat so I wanted to come over here if we can whisper stuff yeah you did a great job oh we have a little rope for him oh yeah there you go good boy hi let’s talk about what we learned today we learned that we forgot to pack our oversized scored we learned that Parker wants to teach his brother what’s really important in life like shoes and finally we learned that Duncan does not like it when you call him a wet day thanks for watching everybody we’ll see you next time [Music] Oh [Music]

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